How do I avoid this problem with rule?

I have a rule that looks for "hot" in the subject and moves that message to
a spam folder.  The problem is that if photo is in the subject, the rule
sees "hot" in the word photo and moves the message.  How can I tell the rule
to look for complete words?


myaccount1 (20)
10/15/2003 2:35:55 AM
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Depending on the version of Outlook, you may be able to use the Exception

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After searching and finding no answer
Brett <> asked:

| I have a rule that looks for "hot" in the subject and moves that
| message to a spam folder.  The problem is that if photo is in the
| subject, the rule sees "hot" in the word photo and moves the message.
| How can I tell the rule to look for complete words?
| Thanks,
| Brett

MillyS1 (1480)
10/15/2003 5:25:29 AM

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