help with IPAQ font problem


I have XP/Outlook 97/Ipaq 1910/ActiveSync 3.5.

I installed an astronomy program and it works fine. However, I
a peculiar problem.

When I paste text into a 'task' window on the PC, and then later sync
the IPAQ, the text that I paste [usually this is from a webpage into
wordpad or notepad, then into the IPAQ]

turns to astronomical symbols, via the font installed from the

This only shows up on the IPAQ, not the PC. I can fix this by
selecting the
contents of the task folder on the PC, and changing the font from
to arial, etc. saving, then resyncing.

Not a huge deal, but is there a way I can fix this?


9/16/2011 5:55:40 PM
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