HELP! Transferring from OE to O-2003

I have an older computer with Outlook Express 97.  It contains ALL of m
previous e-mails, addresses, etc.  I have purchased a new compute
which came with Outlook 2003.  How do I migrate my files, folders
addresses, e-mails, etc. to the new computer?  I will be formatting th
old computer and selling it, so they can't stay on it.  There are to
many to forward to myself (probably in the thousands).  Many ar
work-related and must be kept for record-keeping.  I cannot find how t
transfer into O-2003.  Please help!  Thanks

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1/5/2004 3:34:55 PM
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Rvolt <> wrote:

> I have an older computer with Outlook Express 97.

Impossible.  There was no such program.  There has been Outlook Express V3,
V4, V5, and V6, and Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, and 2003.  Which are you
trying to discuss?

> It contains ALL of
> my previous e-mails, addresses, etc.  I have purchased a new computer
> which came with Outlook 2003.  How do I migrate my files, folders,
> addresses, e-mails, etc. to the new computer?

That depends entirely on which program currently contains your mail.
Brian Tillman
Smiths Aerospace
3290 Patterson Ave. SE, MS 1B3
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-1991
Brian.Tillman is the name, is the domain.

I don't speak for Smiths, and Smiths doesn't speak for me.

Tillman (1436)
1/6/2004 4:10:34 PM

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