Free Hotmail Account

I have successfully connected my free Hotmail account to Outloook [2002].  
Why is everyone saying that free Hotmail accounts do not work with 
outlook?...Its the only one that has worked for me.  I have tried yahoo with 
POP and gmail with POP and neither have been connected successfully.  What is 
POP anyway? And what are the benefits of having a POP account connected to 
Outlook rather than a regular Hotmail account?  Im quite confused because 
when i followed the exact instructions given to me by gmail's help centre, 
nothing happened.  What are the step by step instructions to connect my gmail 
account to Outlook.  (No links please...they arent very helpful.)
hooligan (3)
8/25/2006 8:20:02 PM
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hooligan. <> wrote:

> I have successfully connected my free Hotmail account to Outloook
> [2002].
> Why is everyone saying that free Hotmail accounts do not work with
> outlook?...

Because, for the most part, it's true.  A few free Hotmail accounts continue 
to work with Outlook (mine, for example, and apparently yours), but the 
general rule is that they do not and the ones that still do may no longer do 
so in the near furture.

> Its the only one that has worked for me.  I have tried
> yahoo with POP and gmail with POP and neither have been connected
> successfully.

Then you've done something wrong.  Thousands of people use Outlook with 
either of those mail servers.

> What is POP anyway? And what are the benefits of
> having a POP account connected to Outlook rather than a regular
> Hotmail account?

Post Office Protocol.  Older that Hotmail.  If you're happy with Hotmail, 
good for you.  Don't use a POP account.
Brian Tillman 

tillman1952 (16052)
8/25/2006 8:48:15 PM
Thank you for your help.  I am now informed.  As for the yahoo/gmail 
accounts, i guess i will just wait until my hotmail one no longer works to 
worry about them! Hahaha.

hooligan (3)
8/28/2006 11:41:02 PM

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