Flagged message in DRAFTS folder is automatically "complete"

I'm trying to flag messages in my Outlook 2003 Drafts 
folder aso they show up in "For Follow Up" and I remember 
to complete them.  

Unfortuantely the flag is automatically set to complete 
and cannot be changed in the right click menu Igrayed 

Does anyone have a solution for this?
anonymous (74722)
5/19/2004 12:39:34 AM
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Hmmm... It works here.

Are you using a pst or Exchange account?

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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On 18 May 2004 20:39, "Dan" wrote:
>I'm trying to flag messages in my Outlook 2003 Drafts 
>folder aso they show up in "For Follow Up" and I remember 
>to complete them.  
>Unfortuantely the flag is automatically set to complete 
>and cannot be changed in the right click menu Igrayed 
>Does anyone have a solution for this?

info2937 (567)
5/19/2004 2:57:01 AM
It is in a PST, but there is also an exchange account in the aacounts list.  Exchange operates over a VPN and often has outlook crawling.  However, this problem occurs in the pst drafts folder
     ----- Diane Poremsky [MVP] wrote: ----
     Hmmm... It works here
     Are you using a pst or Exchange account
     Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook
     Author, Teach Yourself Outlook 2003 in 24 Hour
     Coauthor, OneNote 2003 for Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide
     Author, Google and Other Search Engines (Visual QuickStart Guide
     Outlook Tips: http://www.outlook-tips.net
     Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center: http://www.slipstick.co
     [Posted using NewsLook NNTP add-in for Outlook
     On 18 May 2004 20:39, "Dan" wrote
     >I'm trying to flag messages in my Outlook 2003 Drafts
     >folder aso they show up in "For Follow Up" and I remember
     >to complete them. 
     >>Unfortuantely the flag is automatically set to complete
     >and cannot be changed in the right click menu Igrayed
     >>Does anyone have a solution for this
5/23/2004 4:16:03 PM

I just discovered a clue.  If I just flag the item it appears in FollowUp.  If I then add a reminder date, it disappears.  Clearing the reminder date does not fix this, but clearing the flag and resetting it does.
5/23/2004 4:31:04 PM

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