Exchange client alternative ?

I have an exchange server with about 100 users. I have three computers where
I want that about 40-60 people should have access to checking their mail
WITHOUT logging off/on. I want that there should be one username to the
computer and some other authentication at the email client side. I was
thinking of using Outlook Express & implementing identities.

I'd like to know if anyone has some other ideas.


Peretz Stern

1/8/2004 8:15:33 PM
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What about OWA?

Peretz Stern wrote:
> I have an exchange server with about 100 users. I have three
> computers where I want that about 40-60 people should have access to
> checking their mail WITHOUT logging off/on. I want that there should
> be one username to the computer and some other authentication at the
> email client side. I was thinking of using Outlook Express &
> implementing identities.
> I'd like to know if anyone has some other ideas.
> Thanks
> Peretz Stern

lanwench (7567)
1/9/2004 3:01:58 PM

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