Error Can't Move Items

I can't move items, delete items (unless I shift/delete) because it says the
file has reached the maximum size.  I can't check off my to do items because
of the same error.  Everytime I try to move an email to a folder I get this
same error.  I have deleted a bunch of messages, I have tried to archive and
yet I still get this error.  Anyone know what I can do?  Thanks,  Lynn

lynnieb (6)
12/22/2005 1:46:18 PM
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"Lynn Bartling" <> wrote in message 
>I can't move items, delete items (unless I shift/delete) because it says 
> file has reached the maximum size.  I can't check off my to do items 
> because
> of the same error.  Everytime I try to move an email to a folder I get 
> this
> same error.  I have deleted a bunch of messages, I have tried to archive 
> and
> yet I still get this error.  Anyone know what I can do?  Thanks,  Lynn

If you use the PST2GB utility, it truncates the .pst file so you lose items.

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12/22/2005 4:58:11 PM

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