display each days calendar automatically

Wud like to set up outlook to show "todays" calendar at boot up each day
Heckel (1)
3/9/2006 8:31:28 PM
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you want outlook to start in the calendar? tools, options, email, advanced.

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"Kitty Heckel" <Kitty Heckel@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Wud like to set up outlook to show "todays" calendar at boot up each day 

outlookmvp (5838)
3/9/2006 10:01:16 PM
Diane Poremsky [MVP] <outlookmvp@msn.com> wrote:

> you want outlook to start in the calendar? tools, options, email,
> advanced. 

I think that's Tools>Options>*Other*>Advanced Options.
Brian Tillman
tillman1952 (16052)
3/12/2006 11:01:02 PM

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