Default mail account in Outlook 2000

I use Outlook 2000 to send and receive email from several different
POP accounts.  Sometimes I want to send emails from one account, while
other times I want to send them from a different account.  I know that
Outlook allows you to change which account a message is sent from via
the "File | Send Using" menu option.  My problem is that I often
forget to use that option and just click the "Send" button on the
toolbar.  This sends out the message using the Default POP account. 
After it has been sent I remember that I didn't use the "Send Using"

My question is this - is there a way to force Outlook to prompt me for
which mail account to use for sending each message I compose?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Tony Piazza
11/6/2003 4:49:05 PM
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Here is a solution I came up with:

Open the new mail message form and choose the Customize option on the
Tools menu.  Select the Commands tab and drag the Send button from the
Standard Toolbar into the list of command choices.  Next, drag the
Send Using button from the list of command choices to the Standard
Toolbar.  Then click on the Close button and you are done!

Now the only way to send a new mail message is to click the Send Using
button.  This forces you to choose which mail account you want to send
the message from.

Very clean solution.
11/9/2003 12:56:42 AM

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