Creating Templates - HELP!!!!!!!!!!1

Please could you help. I wish to create a simple re-
usable template within Outlook that can be easily brought 
onto the screen and is ideal for capturing meeting 

How do I do this?

Appreciate your help.


das1 (1)
10/15/2003 8:13:35 PM
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You might want to take a look at some of the custom form samples listed at -- there's a Meeting Agenda
form listed there; perhaps it will give you a starting point.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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In news:07ff01c39358$cfed0cd0$a101280a@phx.gbl,
Darren wrote:

> Please could you help. I wish to create a simple re-
> usable template within Outlook that can be easily brought
> onto the screen and is ideal for capturing meeting
> minutes.
> How do I do this?
> Appreciate your help.

10/16/2003 4:43:04 AM

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