Composing in Plain Text for Specific Accounts

Is it possible to configure Outlook 2003 to automatically compose email
messages in plain text for specific accounts?


zolk (2)
12/31/2003 7:15:49 AM
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what do you mean by accounts? contacts? profiles? You can 
only set a default for each Outlook profile...  When 
replying, Outlook will automatically reply in the same 
format it received in instead of the default setting...   
there is not an option though to make it choose one 
format over the other depending on whom you choose to 
send it to...

>-----Original Message-----
>Is it possible to configure Outlook 2003 to 
automatically compose email
>messages in plain text for specific accounts?
joe.varga (8)
12/31/2003 7:56:10 AM

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