Can't use Word to Reply or Forward

If I try to Reply or Forward and e-mail while Word is set as my editor, the 
attempt results in a message about Word being unavailable or the wrong 
version.  If I create a new e-mail with Word and  type in an explicit e-mail 
address in the TO or CC fields, it works fine and sends the e-mail to the 
entered addresses.  But if I use the TO... button to pop up the list of 
contacts, then select a contact and click OK, Word gives me an error "No 
such interface exists" and doesn't return the addresses.

It was working fine Tuesday afternoon, but was broken the next time I used 
it on Friday morning.  I needed to get some more disk space back, so between 
those times I had uninstalled a few programs such as several old versions of 
Sun's Java, a couple audio editors I never used and a few other similarly 
unrelated software.  I also retrieved about 1.5 GB by deleting files that 
were older than one month  in various TEMP folders and deleting some Windows 
Update uninstall folders older than 2 months.

Word is version 11.8106.8107 and Outlook is 11.8010.8107 under Office 2003 

I have tried all the suggestions I could Google.  I tried all the applicable 
suggestions in KB 906307.  I tried running the "Detect and Repair" facility 
from both the Outlook and Word menus.  I tried running the Repair 
installation from "Add and Remove Programs".  I tried re-registering 
ole32.dll.  In desperation I even tried reregistering every DLL in SYSTEM32 
as one poster suggested.

I tried creating a new profile and using that, even removing my original 
profile. (I'm using Exchange Server, so it wasn't hard.)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office Professional five times.  The 
second time I uninstalled Office Meeting and never reinstalled it.  The last 
four times I uninstalled and reinstalled Visio and FrontPage as well as 
Office Professional.  I checked the status of the problem after initial 
installation, after applying Office SP2 and after installing each of two
batches of updates from Microsoft Update.  The problem was always there.

The last two times I uninstalled, I ran the Windows Installer CleanUp 
Utility, but could not find any Office stuff to clean up.

The last time I uninstalled, I also renamed the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft 
Office" to something else and deleted the registry keys and subkeys for 
"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office" and "HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office" as 

I have a nearly identical setup running on my laptop without any problems. 
I created a program to compare registry dumps for the above Office registry 
keys and could not find any differences that looked remotely like it might 
have something to do with the problem.

Short of formatting the HD and reinstalling Windows XP, which would take 
about two weeks to get back up with all my applications, what else can be 
done?  I have spent about 30 hours on this so far and am beginning to get a 
little testy!

I am a veteran software developer (> 30 yrs.) and will boldly go where I 
haven't yet been if KNOWLEDGEABLE people can make intelligent suggestions, 
but I have to earn a living and can't make a second career of this.  I like 
using Word as my editor, but...

Please reply to the group as will not get to me.

....Jim Hansen
Canyon Country Consulting

Jim3341 (1)
12/6/2006 11:27:27 PM
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