Can't send test message, mail takes a while to send.

This is a strange problem.

Was using POP mail happily and without problems on a rented hosting
server.  I needed to upgrade the server and chose another one from a
different company.

Having repointed and reset up all the domains I use, I have a weird
problem with outlook (2003).  When using "Test Email Settings" -
everything checks out apart from sending a test message, which seems
to time out.  When I use it for real email, it works, but the email
takes between 10-30 seconds to go - even if its just simple, small,
text messages.

User/password details on the new machine are different - though server
names remain the same (just pointed to a new machine) -  Outlook
wouldnt be able to log on if it was looking at the wrong machine (and
all accounts have been deleted from the old server anyway).

This is happening to other users too - we are not on the same network,
we are in different parts of the country all working from home

Having set up an email address for someone who didnt have an account
on the previous server, everything works quickly and perfectly as it

This seems to indicate that its not outlook, or the individual PCs
since the problem is replicated on several users setups.  It also
suggests its not the server, since another user (who, remember, didnt
have an email address on the old server) reports that its all working

What else can it be?

3/7/2007 4:53:09 PM
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