Calendar prints duplicate info


OL2002sp1 on XP Pro;  Connecting to Exchange 200PostSP3.

User on laptop has several appointments for, let's say, today.  User adds
info to appointment description for a 1 O'clock appointment.  User has
several more appointments for the day.  The info user has added for the 1
O'clock appointment can now be seen (when print preview and printing) in the
rest of the appointments for the day.  Info does not appear when accessing
other appointments directly.

Example of printed page:

12:00-1:00  Go to Lunch
Meet John at the Cafe
Eat lots of food
Talk about the old times

1:00-2:00 Pick up dry cleaning
Slacks and blazer
Eat lots of food
Talk about the old times

2:00-3:00 Go to Vets
Get worm medicine for Fluffy
Eat lots of food
Talk about the old times

I've accessed this mailbox from my workstation and the problem does NOT
occur; only on user's laptop and under different profiles accessing same

Thanx In Advance

12/2/2003 9:21:45 PM
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