Auto dialer occurs when receiving html mail

I am using OL2000 and have been having some trouble with 
the autodialer coming up when I just click on a message 
sent to me that has what I assume is HTML.  The problem 
is that if that message is the most recent message in my 
inbox then when OL auto connects on its regular hourly 
schedule my mail delivery fails.  The other problem is I 
don't want to auto connect to the web every time I select 
that particular type of message.

Any suggestions? 
anonymous (74722)
7/22/2004 5:52:05 PM
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Hi Michelle,

send immediately when connected deaktivate
under that option you have the dial up option.
Press the send/receive button and look if which options you have choosen.

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> I am using OL2000 and have been having some trouble with
> the autodialer coming up when I just click on a message
> sent to me that has what I assume is HTML.  The problem
> is that if that message is the most recent message in my
> inbox then when OL auto connects on its regular hourly
> schedule my mail delivery fails.  The other problem is I
> don't want to auto connect to the web every time I select
> that particular type of message.
> Any suggestions?

Bravestar (248)
7/22/2004 10:19:57 PM

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