attachments in rich text

i cannot send attachments in rich text, why?
10/5/2004 5:34:21 AM
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Don't know.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

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After searching and finding no answer, Andy asked:

| i cannot send attachments in rich text, why? 

MillyS9060 (3207)
10/5/2004 6:37:33 AM
Rich text needs to be supported by the receiving mail client and mailserver 
as well. Otherwise you'll end up with a winmail.dat attachment or nothing at 
For more info see;

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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"Andy" <> wrote in message 
>i cannot send attachments in rich text, why? 

10/5/2004 6:44:35 AM
What happens when you try?


Ben M. Schorr, OneNote-MVP
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

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"Andy" <> wrote in message 
>i cannot send attachments in rich text, why? 

bens1 (1425)
10/5/2004 6:46:29 AM
Andy <> wrote:

> i cannot send attachments in rich text, why?

Do you mean you can't send them or that the recipients can't see them?  If
the latter, it's probably because only another Outlook can read Rich Text
and your recipients aren't using Outlook.
Brian Tillman

tillman1952 (16052)
10/5/2004 2:14:15 PM

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