archive file

I'm using MS outlook 2000.
I want to check old mails but I can't import the archive file.
The file is over 2G.
Is the size too large?
The inbox repair tool does not work.

Can anyone help me?

aaa8757 (25)
10/31/2006 9:57:01 AM
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You dont Import, In OL>File>Open>PST
Anyway its over 2gb which has exccedded OL2k size limitation. Problems can
occur when larger than 1.6gb
OL2003, in new pst format doesnt have the size limitation. If you continue
to use OL2k you should create new pst's & Archive pst's from time to time,
or when approaching 1.6gb. You can open multiple pst's in OL

"win" <> wrote in message
> I'm using MS outlook 2000.
> I want to check old mails but I can't import the archive file.
> The file is over 2G.
> Is the size too large?
> The inbox repair tool does not work.
> Can anyone help me?

10/31/2006 10:14:21 AM

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