Address Format Problem

I am using Pocket PC 2002 and I'm trying to send email via active sync to MS
Outlook 2002 and I'm experiencing problems. ActiveSync transfers the email
from Pocket Outlook over to the Outlook 2002 (desktop) outbox, however, it
drops it into the outbox with quotations around the email address (in the
To: field). For example, the email address will read as follows:
'' The quotations then cause the following error reply
from my ISP:

Message from

Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).


Sorry, I couldn't find any host named'. (#5.1.2)

I've two questions. First, does anyone have any insights as to how to cure
this quotation issue and second, is there any way to get Outlook 2002 to
send the message automatically? i.e., I find that I must go into the Outlook
2002 outbox on the desktop computer, open the message and then hit the send
button as it will not send by just hitting the Send/ Receive button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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5/8/2004 8:15:08 AM
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Dan C <> wrote:

> I am using Pocket PC 2002 and I'm trying to send email via active
> sync to MS Outlook 2002 and I'm experiencing problems. ActiveSync
> transfers the email from Pocket Outlook over to the Outlook 2002
> (desktop) outbox, however, it drops it into the outbox with
> quotations around the email address (in the To: field). For example,
> the email address will read as follows: '' The
> quotations then cause the following error reply from my ISP:
> Message from
> Unable to deliver message to the following address(es).
> <''>:
> Sorry, I couldn't find any host named'. (#5.1.2)

You might get a better response in
Brian Tillman

Tillmabg (988)
5/11/2004 1:31:01 PM

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