$19.99 Unlimited Space ! - Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server & 30 day FREE trial !

$19.99 Unlimited Space !

Managed Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server  & 30 day FREE trial !


Outlook was ment to be on Exchange - Experience the power !

Access your email, calendar, contacts & task list from anywhere!
Provide shared access to co-workers in real-time...24/7
DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange Solution allows your business to
communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

Using Microsoft=AE Outlook 2003 software and features, DataSyncPros
Hosted Exchange offers real-time access to your Outlook profile (email,
calendar, task list and address books) from your desktop computer and
from any online device (PDA, Blackberry, notebook, etc.).

Whether you are on the road or at the office, managing your emails,
calendar, task list and address book is simple.

Improve collaboration with co-workers by sharing a company calendar and
contact list. DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange is also available to Mac
users using Entourage.

Never worry about hardware upgrades, software updates and server
configurations for your messaging server again!
DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange Solution provides a significantly lower
total cost of ownership. We maintain the systems at no additional
charge to you and provide the flexibility to grow as needed.

You can literally run your business, manage your tasks, schedule
appointments, share files and check your email no matter where you are.
DataSyncPros Hosted Exchange is the perfect low cost solution for a
business which requires mobility and flexibility. Contact us to setup a
30-day trial account and test the many benefits this solution provides.

Key Benefits:

Improve communication & collaborate - your information is hosted on
our servers so that it is manageable and available to you from anywhere
you can find an internet connection and web browser anywhere in the
world, 24/7

Reduce Costs - no internal hardware, licenses, software updates,
hosting, bandwidth, security, facilities, etc. costs. You pay a monthly
rate per user and we manage the rest
Improve cash flow - per user pricing model allows the flexibility to
add or remove users

Save time - simply check a co-workers shared schedule or find a
clients' contact information
Peace of mind - Anti-virus protection from SecureTide=AE, Anti-spam
protection & backup recovery of the your information in the event you
lose a desktop or an entire office, including 99.99% uptime guarantee

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Ever since I added a Microsoft Exchange Server Account and all it6s associated folders and its in-box to my pre-existing Personal Outlook 2003 POP3 folders, I have had nothing but confusion. The Exchange Server account from my workplace downloads its messages into the in-Box for my private ISP POP3 account and vice versa. When I try to configure a rule for my personal POP3 account so that any messages addressed to my workplace account are loaded into the exchange server in-box on my client PC, the software tells me I have to go on-line to Exchange Server - even to create rules for th...

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Hello NG, we`ve the following Configuration : - Exchange 5.5 with SP4 - single Winwos 2000 DC - configured both side ADC a new Hardware should be used for an Exchange 2003 and second DC. next steps i would do as following : - Update ADC Version with Exchange 2003 ADC - running Exchange 2003 forestprep, then domainprep, an after all running setup to install Exchange 2003 in the same organization, site - replicate system Folders and public Folders - moving all Mailboxes to the Exchange 2003 Store - configure the Exchange 2003 virtual SMTP Server to send outgoing Mail - reconfigure the F...

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Hello I have a newly setup production exchange server (sp2). It is only serving a small subset of my organisation, about 15 users, using mydomain1.com. My active directory contains around 100 user accounts that do not have exchange mailboxes and they use our old pop3 based system and have a seperate email domain name, mydomain2.com. It would appear that whenever someone with an exchange mailbox (mydomain1.com) sends mail to people with an email address listed elsewhere in the active directory (mydomain2.com) it gets stuck in the local exchnage delivery queue rather than forwarding i...

Entourage 2004 and Exchange 2003 Cluster
Hello, I have an Active Passive Exchange 2003 SP2 cluster Exch1 and Exch2. When I set it to Exch 1 our one MAC user running Entourage 2004 is unable to connect. Does anyone know what setting to check on the Exchange server? Thanks, DOTT ...

Outlook 2007: "Cannot save free/busy information"
Hi, all I have been getting the error message "Cannot save free/busy information" from Outlook frequently these days. It started when we changed our configuration from connecting to an Exchange server on the LAN to using a proxy Exchange server that forwards (I imagine) to another Exchange server on a different LAN. I have my profile configured to deliver to a local PST file. It seems that Outlook does successfully update free/busy info on the server sometimes; the error message appears fairly randomly - e.g. sometimes when I delete a meeting request, but not every time. An...

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Exchange 5.5 I currently have only 50MB left on my Hard Drive. I need to pucrchase a new drive and point exchange to the new drive Any suggestion on how to do this. Thanks! Add the new hard drive to the machine and then use the Exchange Optimizer to move the databases to the new drive. -- Mark Fugatt Exchange MVP http://www.exchangetrainer.com http://www.msexchange.org "frank" <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:1b73b01c420b9$43c10ba0$a401280a@phx.gbl... > Exchange 5.5 > > > I currently have only 50MB left on my Hard Drive. I need ...

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I was reading in the Help section that I can set our PCs to publish each person's Free/Busy time to our local server. Can anyone give me any extra information on hos I do this? I went to Tools/Options/Calendar Options/Free-Busy Time and foudn where I can setr it to do that. THe question is how exactly do I specify where to publish the information to, and how do I get all my PCs to be able to retireve the informatino to make it useful to everybody? THere's no Browse button so do I need to just type in a folder such as (X:\schedule) or something different? Just can't get it to wo...

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Outlook Opens looking for Exchange Server
A computer club member wishes to used Outlook so that she can sync with her Palm. Environment: Windows XP Pro SP2, IE 7, Windows Genuine Advantage installed. Symptom One: When Outlook is opened, the program is looking for Exchange Server. She is using a laptop with no exchange server available. Symptom Two: When performing Office Update, three items did not install all with error code 0x8024402C: 1. Update for Outlook Junk Mail (KB943591) 2. Office 2003 update SP3 3. Security Update for CAPICOM (KB931906) I suspicion that Office 2003 is a 60 day trial that has never been activated. Are ...

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This is only happening with one of our users, and I am trying to figure out if it is with there Outlook 2003 Client or if it is with our Exchange 2003 server. I have read other posts about this however I could not tell if the error was with one or all of the clients. Also they seemed to indicate it was for outside there domain, ours is happening for both outside and inside when a mail is sent to a user on the same server and domain. They have not received the error (to my knowledge) from OWA. Error: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject...

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Hello, We have exchange 2003. We restored our PUB folder database to a recovery server (separe forest). We are able to mount the database but how can we acess it. We know exmerge will not work in this case and we tried installing outlook client but we can only see the default Public folder database. Thanks in advance Hi, "xmis1" <xmis1@discussions.microsoft.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:6FCB9C1E-1D51-4FCA-9F82-6A3B85DFB510@microsoft.com... > Hello, > > We have exchange 2003. We restored our PUB folder database to a recovery > server (separe forest). We ar...

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Do I have permission to use the the Word clipart on my website newsletter? or do I pay royalties to anyone? See http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HP030900871033.aspx -- Suzanne S. Barnhill Microsoft MVP (Word) Words into Type Fairhope, Alabama USA http://word.mvps.org "JD" <JD@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:4CC29933-28E2-4C5A-84DD-30A0BCF19B22@microsoft.com... > Do I have permission to use the the Word clipart on my website newsletter? > or > do I pay royalties to anyone? ...

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Transfering to new EXCH Server.
We are trying to transfer to a new Exchange 2003 server so we can reformat the old machine. Mailbox transfers are complete and the new box is hooked up internally and to our outgoing IP. I am able to receive mail from outside the network, but all outgoing mail is stuck in the queue. I have set the Virtual Smtp server to all unassigned, and I have nothing in routing. Im not very familiar with these settings. Is the problem the old exchange server? Is there a way to remove it without uninstalling exchange from the old machine? My non deliverables come back with this error message. ...