Trying to configure two exchange accounts with Office 2007 and Exc


A few months ago at work we switched servers. We sent from the Exchange 2003 
to 2007 and all computers had to be re-added to the domain. 

While we've had some problems here and there, there is one I have yet to 

We have a computer running Vista, I think 32-bit, that we to configure two 
exchange accounts on. We use Office 2007 Enterprise edition. And while I can 
get both accounts working within the same view in Outlook 2007, I can't get 
them configured like I had before. 

One account is my own personal bus account and the other is a shared account. 

The original problem was that when I sent from the shared account it would 
say "My Name" on behalf of "Name of Shared Acc" and I just want it to say 
from "shared acc". 


I no longer have the account button I did before when sending out new 
messages. Its a button situated underneath the send button that allows me to 
send from whichever account I want to without going through the entire Global 
Address List. 

I had this problem when we'd set the personal business account up and then 
placed the shared acc within it. 

I set the profile up again and set the shared acc up and then place the 
personal business account within it, and now it says from "shared acc" 
instead of "my name" on behalf of "shared acc". I forgot to check out what my 
personal bus account "from" looks like now, but as far as I know that issue 
has been resolved. 

What can I do to get the account button back under send? If it matters, I've 
also had problems in Word where I'm not able to edit or highlight certain 
things. And when the "create new" document box pops up, the template has a 
yellow question mark over it (which I think is macro enabled normal document 
or something). 

I initially deleted the settings within the registry for Word which resolved 
the issue. I've done this twice because the issue came back again. After the 
3rd time, I uninstall/reinstall the entire Office Enterprise suite and 
nothing changed really. Initially the word issue popped back up and then I 
started messing around with the templates (changing nothing as far as i know) 
and it started working all of a sudden. Don't know why. The issue with 
Outlook remains. 

I've had the issue since the end of September so I'd really appreciated if 
someone would help me. 

11/25/2009 6:45:01 PM
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