Picture Manager Printing Problems

I recently upgrade my computer and am now running Win7 with Office 2007.  
Whenn I try to use picture manager to print pictures to my HP Deskjet 895cse, 
the pictures look washed out and there are white lines that run across the 
entire picture.  When I print the same photo through other programs 
(including to an XPS file and then printing the XPS file), the picture prints 

Can someone tell me how to fix picture manager so that I can print directly 
from Picture Manager to my deskjet 895cse?
1/5/2010 6:58:01 PM
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Sorry, Picture Manager doesn't support printing. It hands printing off 
to the Windows Photo Printing Wizard.

David wrote:
> I recently upgrade my computer and am now running Win7 with Office 2007.  
> Whenn I try to use picture manager to print pictures to my HP Deskjet 895cse, 
> the pictures look washed out and there are white lines that run across the 
> entire picture.  When I print the same photo through other programs 
> (including to an XPS file and then printing the XPS file), the picture prints 
> correctly.
> Can someone tell me how to fix picture manager so that I can print directly 
> from Picture Manager to my deskjet 895cse?

1/5/2010 7:36:34 PM

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