opening a ppt file and says: there any text converter installed

trying to open a ppt file with pp 2007 it says:
can not open because there is any text converter installed.

whtat does it mean and how can I solve it???
4/21/2010 12:32:01 AM
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mofa wrote:

>trying to open a ppt file with pp 2007 it says:
>can not open because there is any text converter installed.
>whtat does it mean and how can I solve it???

It could mean that the power point slide was created using Office 2010 
beta or it could also mean that the file you have got is corrupted.

The solution is to install Office 2010 beta but this is absolutely not 
advisable on your only or main production system;  Unfortunately, 
Microsoft hasn't developed any Office 2010 compatibility packs so you 
are in a limbo.

I can see you have got Office 2007 but do you know whether you are able 
to create and read power point slides with it?  Have you tried creating 
a test document and sending it to a friend to open in/her system?


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4/21/2010 1:56:33 AM
In article <>, Mofa 
> trying to open a ppt file with pp 2007 it says:
> can not open because there is any text converter installed.
> whtat does it mean and how can I solve it???

It might mean that the document uses some obscure properties that're 
features of PPT 2010 beta but aren't supported in 2007 (unlikely).   Or 
it could mean that the file's corrupted.  A fairly common cause of this 
sort of thing is copying the file to a USB flash drive then removing 
the drive before you've properly ejected it.

4/21/2010 7:28:12 PM

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