Office 2000 & Office 2007

Just got a new laptop with windows 7. Had purchased office 2000 for my old 
pc, can I updgrade to Office 2007 or do I have to buy it all over again. Is 
so how ?
11/17/2009 4:29:01 PM
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"Kevan McArthur" <Kevan> wrote in message
> Just got a new laptop with windows 7. Had purchased office 2000 for my old
> pc, can I updgrade to Office 2007 or do I have to buy it all over again. 
> Is
> so how ?

You can upgrade to any upgrade edition of Office  2007. You will need the 
installation disc for Office 2000 or any other qualifying product. Or, you 
will need to have a qualifying installed on your new computer (pre-installed 
OEM will be accepted}.


If your new computer comes with a pre-installed Office 2007 trial, you must 
first uninstall the trial and any activation agent before installing Office 
2007 upgrade.


11/17/2009 4:48:15 PM
"Kevan McArthur" <Kevan> wrote in message
> Just got a new laptop with windows 7. Had purchased office 2000 for my old
> pc, can I updgrade to Office 2007 or do I have to buy it all over again. 
> Is
> so how ?

See my reply on the Win 7 forum nearly TWO hours ago.... 

11/17/2009 5:49:15 PM

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