How do I get my best friend back?

1/13/2010 6:33:01 PM
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Easy.  Just lift the lid on your toilet seat and whistle.


"Don't pick a fight with an old man.
If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you."

1/13/2010 8:21:58 PM
Pretend that you're in a coma and unable to communicate in any way (such as 
posting messages in newsgroups).

"monsterboy16" <> wrote in message

1/13/2010 8:28:23 PM
Stop cheating with his wife?

"monsterboy16" <> wrote in message

1/13/2010 10:24:25 PM

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Hi, In Outlook, users can push the 'Track in CRM' in the Appointment screen in Outlook. When they track an appointment and the user is the organizer of the Outlook appointments, the appointment gets lost from the Outlook calendar on the next CRM synchronization. The workaround is to add the user as an attendee, which is not the default function of Outlook. Can anyone tell me if there is a fix for this or if there is a setting to customize this behavior? Best regards, Gummi I have the same problem. Any luck with finding a fix for this or if you know how this occurs. "Gum...

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Friends, I know this board is not for Outlook Express, but I don't see an OE board, and am hoping an expert can help me through a major problem. Just came back from overseas. Before I left, worrying about house being burglarized and computer stolen, I copied the email folder (that I'd astutely named EMAIL) to a CD-R, and then deleted the folder. It had many files, most with a .dbx extension, that were clearly the emails I'd received and sent over the years. In regular Outlook (at work), I've backed up my emails or transferred them to another computer by copying the .p...

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How do I get DATE-TIME column into chart as X-axis (domain) values? This should be easy so obviously I am doing something wrong. The date-time is in on column with 4 other columns already set as data values in the Y-dimension. The chart is giving me one "increment" of X-value for each entry but the data was taken at multiple/random times through each day so this is both inaccurate and very confusing. FYI: It's blood pressure values for Left-Right, Systolic/Diastolic with the first column a "sum of Date + Time" the values were taken. It's a line chart (the firs...

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I have a column with dates. When I change a date I want all the dates below the one I've changed to change automatically? How would I do this in Excel? Thanks! One way is to enter a date in A1. In A2 enter this formula: =A1+1 And copy it down as far as needed. -- HTH, RD --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please keep all correspondence within the NewsGroup, so all may benefit ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "vpr" <> wrote in message news:017BE3AB-19E7-44...

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Hi, i have some Code, that gives me a GetlastError()=1008. "1008 An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist." The interesting thing is, that the first call to the function does work as expected, but the second does not and throws this exception. Sometimes it even makes the application fail and crushes it. Behaves really "Exceptional"... :-( What the Code does: It starts a cmd.exe with parameters "chkdsk.exe" and if "this->m_StartWithOutputRedirection" is set to TRUE then it redirects the Output to a file with the ">"...

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That would more than likely mean you need to update your printer driver. Visit the website of your printer manufacturer, such as for HP printers and search for your printer driver under the driver download section. -- Brian Kvalheim Microsoft Publisher MVP This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. "Kschnese" <> wrote in message > ...

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IS not backing up with ntbackup
I scheduled a nightly backup of MIS at 3:00 am , it is running under the Domain Administrator account. When I do this manually it works fine but none of the scheduled ones work. The Scheduled Tasks veiwer says Cannot start error 0x0. Any ideas ? there is nothing in the event veiwer at the scheduled time either. I have another one scheduled for User Docs at 1 am which works fine and ends at 2:00 am. Is there something in the systems or application log giving more information on the error? What version of WIndows and Exchange are been used? "Paul" wrote: > I scheduled a...

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I have recently opened up my Word documents and I know longer have scroll bars on the left and right of my screen. I do not know how to get them back into my window. Can you help? Word 2007 - Word Options > Advanced > Display > Show Vertical Scroll Bar Word 2003 and earlier > Tools > Options > View > Vertical Scroll Bar -- <>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<> Graham Mayor - Word MVP My web site Word MVP web site <>>< &...

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I am trying to use a form to get query parameter dates as is detailed in the help article "Make a query ask for input" The query does not open the date range form when the query is used If the form is opened in advance and dates entered then the dates in the form are used what is missing? How is the open form macro called ? WillyNPG wrote: >I am trying to use a form to get query parameter dates as is detailed in the >help article "Make a query ask for input" The query does not open the date >range form when the query is used If the form is opene...

Unreferenced static obj gets eliminated by linker?
I've got these derived classes which register themselves (via inherited methods) at run time through a registration call in the constructor. I forget the pattern name but... Each derived class lives in a seperate .cpp file. There's no need for a ..h file since nothing ever constructs one but itself. The .cpp file looks like; class MyDerived: public MyBase { public: MyDerived::MyDerived() { registerThySelf(){m_Name="o1";...} } MyInstance; Then at runtime I call base methods to get a list of the derived objs and call them through polymorphism, etc. Problem is MyInstance...

Does DPM back up Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
Am implementing an LDAP and the preference would be the Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services but need to ensure it is capable of being backed up by DPM LDAP is a protocol that AD services provide. So backing/Recovering AD services is supported by DPM. So LDAP should work without any issues after AD recovery using System State backup/recovery using DPM. In case of recovery on alternate machines you might need to turn on the LDAP services after system State recovery. -- Thanks, Praveen D [MSFT] This posting is provided "AS IS" with no w...

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Hi, everyone, I have just upgraded to Money 04 from 03. Now investment account balances in Account List page just don't get updated, though they do get updated daily in Portfolio Section. Anyone has solution for this problem? Thanks Nick In, Nick wrote: > >I have just upgraded to Money 04 from 03. Now investment account balances >in Account List page just don't get updated, though they do get updated >daily in Portfolio Section. Anyone has solution for this problem? Try opening Money with Start->Run and entering "msmoney -s" w...

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I am a tech at a company where most users don't log off their machines everyday. The problem occurs that if Outlook has been open for days, the calendar reminders fail to come up. If the user, closes Outlook and reopens the calendar reminders all pop up but, of course, they are all late. Is there something that can be done so that this doesn't happen? Also, just fyi, we are not running an Exchange server. Thanks in advance, Colleen Parker Try opening Outlook using the ".../CleanReminders" switch. The link(s) below (depending upon your Outlook version) will give you the in...

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We're having major problems connecting. For some reason we can't get the ODBC to work. Any Help would be appreciated. I posted a few days ago. If you can help at all, or point me to where I can go, I'd really appreciate it. Julie julietta, What have you tried so far? ave you contacted support? Did you generate your DDF files? send me an email with your contact info and I'll try to help. HS "julietta carpentieri" <> wrote in message > We're having major problems connecting. For s...

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How doing you fix the above? ...

Why do my attachments get inserted into the text window?
When I insert a file into an outgoing email in outlook, the attachment gets automatically place within my text box. How do I make them show up above the text window (below the bcc box)? Use Plain Text or HTML - Rich Text Format places the attachment where = your cursor is. --=81 Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. All unsolicited mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without reading. =20 After furious head scratching, eagle@premier asked: | When I insert a file into an outgoing email in outlook, the | attachment gets au...

Installing publisher 2002 and get error 1335
Recently replaced hard drive and had to re-install Office XP Professional 2002. It works but when I try install my Publisher 2002 I get error 1335 The cabinet file '' required for this installation is corrupt and can not be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM or a problem with this package. I have checked and updated the Office xp and still get the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.;en-us;314810 OFF: Error Message During Installation: Error 1335 - Cannot Copy Cab File...