Final solution to MAPI Error Message

JOHN HASKINS  After experiencing the error generated message for all mapi 
problems trying to use the send email functions in Office 2007, including 
Word 2007, I now have solved the mystery. It was incredible all the postings 
I have read, dating back to 2005 about this problem. To make a long story 
short, follow this Microsoft link.;EN=US;918792 If the typed 
in link is not highlighted, just copy and paste to your browser. The main 
Topics of this article [ Article ID: 918792 - Dec 15, 2009- revision 4 ] is 
to 1. verify your default e-mail program 2. verify your registry settings [ I 
had all the sub key settings accept CMCDLLNAME REG_SZ Mapi.dll ] within the 
article, there is a repair tool from microsoft that will fix this sub key 
missing dll. It is titled " Fix it for me ", just click it, install and run 
and it is done. instructions will be displayed how to view your registry to 
check the values are present. Now this is very important...after following 
all the instructions, I open my word 2007, and choose a sample document to 
send as an attachment, and the same error message appeared. I was totally 
bummed out. So after careful examining, I now know that it was not the word, 
excel, PowerPoint or publisher program that was the problem, it was directly 
in the Outlook program. I open my outlook folder and clicked " Tools " / 
customize / commands /  files / scrolled to " Office Documents and click and 
dragged that item to the toolbar area and went back and open word, tried a 
sample document to send and the email client message display page open up. I 
further tested the functions in the other Office programs, and all the send 
to functions worked. I am asking the Moderators an administrators to further 
check the article 918792 for accuracy. I am open for response to this 
question via. and I hope this will 
be of great help to all who have experience this problem  
12/17/2009 8:39:01 PM
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John, perhaps you could configure your newsreader editor so that you 
don't create your message as a signature after a sig seperator?

JHASKINS75 wrote:

12/18/2009 1:22:04 PM
Bob I wrote:
> John, perhaps you could configure your newsreader editor so that you
> don't create your message as a signature after a sig seperator?
> JHASKINS75 wrote:

He's using the MS Webnews for dummies - I don't think you CAN use a sig
on that - he must have just typed "--[space]" by accident! ;-)
12/18/2009 1:29:45 PM

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