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Oris Press Matcher
fiery impose
Fiery Color Profiler 2
Preps 6.0r3

Dynagram Dynastrip v6.0.1
Dynagram inpO2
Artpro 9.0r8 (all modules included)
Esko Visualizer 7.5.5
Esko Softwares Suite V7.5 PC/Mac
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Heidelberg MetaShooter v4.0.727
Heidelberg Delta 8.5
Heidelberg MetaDimension v7.5
Heidelberg Prinect Remote Access v4.0 SR1
Heidelberg Signastation v9.0.3
Heidelberg PDF Toolbox v4.0.48
Heidelberg Harmony v1.2.1 for Prinergy
Heidelberg NewColor 7000 2.5.2 for Mac
Heidelberg Prinect Signa Station 2.0.7
Heidelberg SignaStation v4.0.0.8202_1
Heidelberg Prinect Prepress Interface v4.1
Heidelberg Color Tool
Heidelberg PDF Toolbox v4.0 MAC
Heidelberg Prinect WorkFlow v4.0

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Artpro 7.5 Rev. 4 k[ed]
Artpro 8.6r7 k[ed]
Artpro 9.0 r7 with dongle (Minimal of 2 orders) - NEW

==========INTERNAL SOFTWARE LIST===========

Apago PDF Enhancer 2.6
Apago Piktor 3.0
Agfa Prepress (ApogeeX) v6 - NEW
ColorByte ImagePrint 7.0.3
Compose Color Express 4.2
Compose Express Colorflow 1.6
Compose Express Trap 3.0.9
Compose Express Workflow 3.7
Compose Flatout Express 2.2
Compose PDF Imposition 5.5
Compose Plate Controller 2.0
Compose PRI Station 3.5
Compose Raster PrintStation 2.2
Creo CopyDot ToolKit 4.0
Creo CS Xpose 2.0 - NEW
Creo Darwin 1.0 build 049 (Illustrator plugin)
Creo Darwin 2.0 (InDesign plugin)
Creo Pandora 2.7
Creo Print Console 3.7
Creo PS/M 7.1, 8.0 (MAC OS)
Creo Synapse Prepeare Pro 1.1 (MAC OS)
Creo TrapWise 3.6
Dainippon SCREEN PixelStream 4.6 (Impos2000 Server, InkProof)
Dainippon SCREEN SPEKTA for Harlequin RIP 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
Dainippon SCREEN TrueFlow SE 5.0
- FlatWorker SE 8.0
- SPEKTA 2.0
- TrapEditor 2.07
Devstudio Power Plotter 5.4.26
Dotrix Fortuna 3.5
ECRM MAXWorkFlow 3.5 (all modules)
EFI BEST ColorProof 5.0.1 SP2 (XXL and Laser)
EFI BEST PhotoXposure XXL 5.0.1 SP2
EFI BEST ScreenProof 5.0.1 SP2 (Full and 4UP)
EFI BEST Premium Addon 1.1.0
EFI ColorProof XF 3.1.8
EFI Designer Edition 4.0.0
EFI OneFlow 2.0
EFI PrintSmith 8.0.13
Enfocus PitStop Pro 7.2 (MAC OS) (Acrobat plugin)
Enfocus PitStop Pro 8.5 (Acrobat 9 plugin)
Enfocus PitStop Pro 9.0 (Acrobat 9 plugin)
Enfocus Instant PDF 3.6 (Acrobat plugin)
Enfocus PitStop Server 3.0
ESKO-Graphics Software Suite 7.0 R5
- ArtiosCAD 7.41+ datacenter 4.5 gigabytes. - NEW
- BackStage 7.2
- ColorTone 7.2
- DeskPack 7.0.5 - NEW
- ARD Import
- ARD Export
- BarX
- BoostX
- CheckX
- Flexo Tools
- ImageX
- Ink Tools
- ScreenX
- SeamlessX
- StepX
- Studio - NEW
- Studio toolkit for boxes
- Studio toolkit for flexibles
- OutRight
- TrapX
- ViewX
- FastImpose 7.4
- FlexRIP / FlexProof 7.2
- FlexoPERfection 7.2
- Kaleidoscope 7.4
- PackEdge 7.4
- Plato 7.4
- Visualizer 7.5.5 - NEW
- WebCenter 7.0
ESKO-Graphics ColorQuartet Pro 5.2.2
ESKO-Graphics FlowDrive 5.2
ESKO-Graphics NewAge 2.0
ESKO-Graphics RipMate 7.0
Harlequine Fusion RIP 8.1R0 - NEW
Harlequine ECRM RIP v8.1a - NEW
Harlequin Print Production Manager (PPM) 1.5r0 - NEW
Harlequin JDF Enabler 2.0
Harlequin Compose Express RIP 8.1r0 (Windows & MAC & Linux) - NEW
Harlequin Xitron Navigator RIP 8.1r0 (Windows, Linux & MAC) - NEW
Harlequin PolkaDots Rasterize-it 8.0r6 (Windows & MAC)
Harlequin Dainippon HQ-510PC SCREEN 8.0r0 - NEW
Harlequin (Global Graphics) PLUS Server RIP 8.0r0
Harlequin HighWater Designs Torrent RIP 7.2r1 (Windows & MAC)
Harlequin Xitron Prism RIP 7.2r1
Harlequin Presstek Momentum RIP 7.2r1
Harlequin ECRM RIP 7.1r0
Harlequin OEM RIP 7.0r3
Harlequin RTI RIP-Kit 7.0r0
Harlequin RYBOI PS-RIP IVS 6.3
Harlequin Xitron SDP-RIP 6.0
Harlequin Xeikon RIP 5.3
Harlequin JET RIP 5.51a
Heidelberg Color Tool 3.0.22
Heidelberg Prinect Remote Access v4.0 SR1 - NEW
Heidelberg prinect master data service 3.0 - NEW
Heidelberg Prinect Content System.1.0.SR1 - NEW
Heidelberg Prepress Interfaces v4.1 - NEW
Heidelberg Color Tool - NEW
Heidelberg Prinect Digital Print Manager v4.0.727 - NEW
Heidelberg Prinect Pressroom Manager v4.0.553.2 - NEW
Heidelberg Classic SignaStation 9.0.5
Heidelberg Delta Technology 8.5
Heidelberg NewColor 7000 2.0.0 (Windows & MAC)
Heidelberg Prinect MetaDimension 7.5 - NEW
Heidelberg Prinect MetaShooter 4.0.727
- TIFF ToolBox 4.0
Heidelberg Prinect PDF Toolbox 4.0.55 (Acrobat plugin)
Heidelberg Prinect PrepressInterface 4.1
Heidelberg Prinect Profile and Calibration Toolbox 2.0
- Calibration Manager 2.3
- PrintOpen 5.2
- QualityMonitor 2.0
Heidelberg Prinect Signa Station 4.0.20
Heidelberg Prinect Workflow 4.0.540
- CockPit 4.0
- PrintReady 4.0
HighWater Designs Herkules Calibration Tool 1.02
HighWater Designs HWRoam 1.4
HighWater Designs Imager 4.2.8
HighWater Designs InkMonitor 4.4.0
HighWater Designs Pantone Editor 1.1
HighWater Designs PixelProof PC Print Server 2.0
HighWater Designs Primesetter Calibration Tool 1.0
HighWater Designs Signasetter Calibration Tool 1.02
HighWater Designs Q2 Output Controller 4.4
HighWater Designs QuickFlow 3.3.2
KODAK Professional Digital Print Production Software 9.1.30
Kodak Insite v5.5
Kodak Prinergy Evo v5.0.6
Kodak Prinergy Connect v5.0.1
KODAK (Creo) Preps 5.3.4 (Windows & MAC) - NEW
KODAK (Creo) Prinergy Connect - NEW
KODAK (Creo) Prinergy EVO 5.0.6 - NEW
KODAK (Creo) ProfileWizard 4.0.16
KODAK (Creo) Service Shell 3.2
KODAK (Creo) Spotless ToolKit 2.0.26
KODAK (Creo) InSite 5.5 - NEW
KODAK (Creo) UpFront 4.0
Lucid Dream I-Trap 3.4.1
Lucid Dream TaskForce RIP 1.0.1
Onyx PosterShop 7.2.0
Onyx ProductionHouse 7.2.0
Onyx RIPCenter 7.2.0
Presstek Momentum WorkFlow 3.3
Serendipity BlackMagic 3.4
Serendipity Megarip 4.1
TGLC PerfX Press Curves 1.4.0
TGLC PerfX Color Management RePro 5.0.1
Ultimate.Technographics.InkReady.2.0 - NEW
Krause Imposition Manager - NEW
Ultimate Technographics Impostrip 8.5 - NEW
Ultimate Technographics Ink Ready 2.0
Xitron Navigator RIP Manager 3.5 (XiFlow) - NEW
Xitron Raster Blaster 3.7
Xitron Raster Blaster Extreme TIFF Catcher 5.3
Xitron Sierra 1.5.2 - NEW
Xitron Xaps 2.1.3
Xitron Xenith 6.1.3

Cast Software Vivien 1.5
Cast Software WYSIWYG R21
PhotoLynx Solutions 1.6 - CamLynx 4.0
PhotoLynx Solutions 1.6 - PhotoLynx ImageMatch 6.0
PhotoLynx Solutions 1.6 - PhotoLynx ProComposites 6.1
PhotoLynx Solutions 1.6 - PhotoLynx ProServices 6.0
PhotoLynx Solutions 1.6 - PhotoLynx School Image Software (SIS) 5.5

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- Compose PRI Station 2.x, 3.x
- ESKO-Graphics FlowDrive 4.0 - 5.2
- Harlequin RIP based software


Harlequin plugins extra passwords:
to version 5.x (ScriptWorks)
to version 6.x (Eclipse)
to version 7.x (Genesis)
to version 8.x

HDS - Dispersed Screening
HDS light - Dispersed Screening
HMS - Micro Screening
HCS - Chained Screening
HXM - Cross-Modulated Screening
HDLT - Display list technology
TrapWorks / EasyTrap / TrapProLite
Harlequin ColorPro / HIPP - ICC Profile Processor
HFCS - Full Color System
HSCS - Standard Color System
Media Saving
CAL - Calibration Manager


NovaJet 700 42-inch
NovaJet 700 60-inch
NovaJet 850

Stylus Color 3000
Stylus Pro 5000
Stylus Pro 7000
Stylus Pro 7500
Stylus Pro 9000
Stylus Pro 9500
Stylus Photo 2200 VSD
Stylus Pro 4000 VSD
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Stylus Pro 4880 VSD - NEW
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DesignJet 50 PS
DesignJet 120
DesignJet 130
DesignJet 1050
DesignJet 2000
DesignJet 3000
DesignJet 5000
DesignJet 5500
DesignJet T670 - NEW
DesignJet T1100 - NEW
DesignJet Z2100 - NEW

[Protected Devices]
Flmsetter RIP
Simple Imposition
Raster, PDFRaster
Imposition Proofer

[Protected Screens]
EDS, Error Difusion Screening

[Extra Feature]
HCPS Canon, all
HCPS HP, all
HCPS Encad, all
HCPS Epson, all
HCPS X-Epson vDot
HCPS - Canon, ENCAD, Epson, HP, All Supported Devices, X-Epson, vDot


[Other Plugins]
AppleTalk Protocol (Miramar)
Compose, Class 2 Devices
Compose, Class 4 Devices
Fusion DigiPage 4.02
HighWater Designs QM DI 46-4 Press
OpenProof (ProofMate) 7.0.1
SecureProof 2a
SetGold 3.3

You can ask for other plugins for any device (printer, plotter, imagesetter) too.


Compose Express Workflow/Colorflow (1.x, 2.x, 3.x) component passwords:
Update from v2 to v3
Content Proof
DI Proof
Distribute Job
EWF Script
Express Trap (I-Trap)
Gapfinder 2
Output Internet
Output LoadBalance
Output Windows Printer
Page Combine
Page Splitter
PDF Imposition
PDF Imposition v4 (PDF Station)
PDF Imposition 4 & 5
PDF Output Folder
Plate Controller
Plate Controller 2
Plate Selector
PRI Station 2 & 3
Raster Import
Real Time Image
Remote Service
Remote LoadBalance
Web Groth Compensation


ESKO-Graphics FlowDrive 4.0 - 5.2 licenses:
Direct TIFF Exposure
Dot Gain
Dual Screen for aHPS
Page Order By Color
Remote Exposure (N*Device)
Site License
QuarkXpress Trapping
FlowDrive InRIP OPI
FlowDrive Proof Lite (required Harlequin RIP HDS light)
FlowDrive Proof (required Harlequin RIP HDS and ColorPro)
Finesse Screening (required Harlequin RIP HMS, HCS)
Harlequin Dispersed Screening (required Harlequin RIP HDS)
Harlequin TrapMaster
TrapProLite (required Harlequin RIP TrapPro or EasyTrap)
TrapPro (required TrapPro)
FlowDrive 4.0 - 4.3 (may require Harlequin RIP version password)
FlowDrive 5.1 - 5.2 (may require Harlequin RIP version password)
FlowDrive 5.0 - 5.2 (may require Harlequin RIP version password)


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SDS Steel Detailing System v 6.34 Full

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I am trying to view my hotmail inbox via Outlook Express and get these messages: Hotmail no longer allows email access via Outlook Express for free email accounts. Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Is there any way (program) to download to my computer all the e-mails found in my Hotmail Inbox with one move? Yes, pay for a subscription and use Outlook or Outlook Express. -- Looking to retire early? <> wrote in message :I am trying...

micupdate.exe download missing
Issue: The Clip Gallery could not find the GIF graphic filter installed. You can install graphics filters by running Setup for Microsoft applications again. Knowledgebase reference:;EN- US;Q230162 There was a fix for this, but it appears to have vanished. It was called micupdat.exe and the link from the article is dead. I have searched MS and the Internet for this file with no success. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of this fix or have a suggestion for fixing the problem please advise. For the record - reinstalling does not wo...

Possible to download from Quickbooks?
Both of us are self employed and have been using Quickbooks to manage our business. We will likely continue to do this, as the business services in Money are more limited. However, downloading our sales or even our deposits recorded in Quickbooks would be so helpful, rather than entering in every transaction twice in these 2 separate programs. It seems that it should be possible; downloading from Quicken is an option. Any suggestions? (I would love a reply email if you have ideas for me - I don't know whether this site will alert me to a new post) Thanks! Money can import qif...

why do semi-transparent autoshapes print in full color?
I am creating a sales flyer and like to have soft washes of color behind the products, but when I set the transparency to 70% in an autoshape it still prints at 0%. Any advice? Celeste wrote: > I am creating a sales flyer and like to have soft washes of color behind the > products, but when I set the transparency to 70% in an autoshape it still > prints at 0%. Any advice? If you're using Publisher 2003, export a high-resolution PNG file of each page and print that. If your using 2007 Microsoft Publisher, use the PDF converter add-in to convert to PDF and print that. --...

How to re-download Publisher from the web after a crash?
My computer crashed and I'm in the midst of re-loading all the programs. I had previously downloaded Publisher 2007 from the website. I still have the Product Key and Order # but can't find a spot on the website where I can re-download the program. Any ideas? Try here Just be certain it is the same suite you downloaded before. -- Mary Sauer "JKar" <> wrote in message > My comp...

Not downloading messages from Imap account
This is very weird. On Sunday afternoon, OL quit downloading messages from my mail server. The account is configured as IMAP. Sunday afternoon there were a couple of Windows updates (none involving OL), which required a reboot. Since then, nothing downloads from the server. When I click on Send/Recieve, I see that it contacts the mail server. Displaying the status window shows it connecting, then it says "complete". No error messages - just no new email. If I logon to the server using a webmail app (Squirrelmail, which also happens to be imap), I see that since Sunday ...