WTF is wrong with MS Money 2007 Updates?

For the past few days the updating of pportfolio prices has been
intermittent.  This morning, an hour after the market has opened, the
prices have still not updated.

Anybody else having this problem?  Anyone have a clue @ what the
problem is?

I usually find the program helpful, but sometimes it can be a real


nospam3434 (231)
5/6/2009 2:42:21 PM
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90% of my portfolio update requests also fail - the online update arrows just 
spin endlessly. Like you, this has been happening for several days. Updates 
used to be pretty much rock-solid - no more.

Using MS Money Plus Deluxe. 


"FumDuk" wrote:

> For the past few days the updating of pportfolio prices has been
> intermittent.  This morning, an hour after the market has opened, the
> prices have still not updated.
> Anybody else having this problem?  Anyone have a clue @ what the
> problem is?
> I usually find the program helpful, but sometimes it can be a real
> Tx,
> FD
DaveM518 (75)
5/8/2009 5:03:01 PM
I had a similar problem.    I did two things which fixed it:

1 Reduced the  number investments for which quotes were being
requested by using Update Prices|Pick Quotes to Download and unchecked
all securities that I no longer owned.

2.. Corrected the symbol for a stock that had changed since I bought

It then began retrieving quotes properly.

Sierra Charlie

On Wed, 06 May 2009 07:42:21 -0700, FumDuk <> wrote:

>For the past few days the updating of pportfolio prices has been
>intermittent.  This morning, an hour after the market has opened, the
>prices have still not updated.
>Anybody else having this problem?  Anyone have a clue @ what the
>problem is?
>I usually find the program helpful, but sometimes it can be a real

sc1 (1)
5/8/2009 11:54:15 PM

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