Will unsupported symbols be fixed in new PM?

I'm trying to get used to the new PM, and I think I can almost live with it. 
The biggest problem for me is that there are two mutual funds MINDX (Matthews 
India) and LIDIX (Laudus Rosenberg International Discovery) that the new PM 
says are a "security type not currently supported in the Portfolio Manager". 
Can anyone tell me why it would just stop supporting these two mutual funds? 
Other funds from the same family (Matthews Funds) are supported just fine, 
such as MCHFX and MPACX. I need some idea of a fix coming or a suggested 
workaround. Does anyone from Microsoft read these forums? Is there another 
place to post this crazy bug? Are others experiencing the same kind of 
arbitrary unsupported symbols?
11/12/2009 12:41:01 AM
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In microsoft.public.money, Davio1 wrote:

>I'm trying to get used to the new PM, and I think I can almost live with it. 
>The biggest problem for me is that there are two mutual funds MINDX (Matthews 
>India) and LIDIX (Laudus Rosenberg International Discovery) that the new PM 
>says are a "security type not currently supported in the Portfolio Manager". 
>Can anyone tell me why it would just stop supporting these two mutual funds? 
>Other funds from the same family (Matthews Funds) are supported just fine, 
>such as MCHFX and MPACX. I need some idea of a fix coming or a suggested 
>workaround. Does anyone from Microsoft read these forums? Is there another 
>place to post this crazy bug?

microsoft.public.moneycentral would be a better place to post that.

> Are others experiencing the same kind of 
>arbitrary unsupported symbols?
11/12/2009 1:55:13 AM

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