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just have a look on my website.
Thank you
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can you tell me how to use marco in excel and what is benefits to use it? Thanks a lot -- rnparikh ------------------------------------------------------------------------ rnparikh's Profile: View this thread: Hi Rnparikh, Visit David McRitchie's: 'Introduction to Macros and User Defined Functions' page at:: --- Regards, Norman "rnparikh" <rnparikh.1sypma_1122692701.2...

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Hello, I want to ask again my question in my last time thread, regarding asking confirmation whether to do changes or not. My question is why for some computer this code works, and for some is not Private Sub SuplierNo_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Not IsNull(Me.[ProjectID].OldValue) Then If Me.[ProjectID] <> Me.[ProjectID].OldValue Then If MsgBox("Anda telah merobah!!, apakah sengaja mau merobah?", vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2 + vbQuestion) = vbNo Then ' Undo the changes SendKey "{Esc}" Cancel = True End...

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Exchange not using backup MX for outbound mail
When delivery to the primary MX of a given domain fails, the Exchange 2003 is not using any of the backup mailservers listed for that domain. Currently we are experiencing this problem for a domain with 4 mailservers. I checked this with telnet and only the primary server doesn't respond. Our Exchange only tries the first server, generating "delay messages" for the senders and eventually giving up entirely. Any ideas what can be wrong? TIA. Bj�rn Olievier If the OS isn't Windows 2003 you might want to upgrade it. I know we had issues with this in Windows 2000 / Exchan...

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I am using multiple arrays to make tables of rows and columns. When using C++ I was able to manipulate texts by using cout << setw(3) << .... using directives iomanip.h and iostream.h. Now, when using managed C++, How can we do the same manipulation by with Console::Write() and Console::WriteLine()? Use StringBuilder and Console::Write "Allen Maki" <> д���ʼ� news:eno1$6zOGHA.1216@TK2MSFTNGP14.phx.gbl... > I am using multiple arrays to make tables of rows and columns. > > > > When using C++ I was able to manipula...

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When switching from one user to another the first time I try to open Outlook I get an error message Runtime Error and the program terminates. I try again and outlook opens. Any idea's to correct this problem? Also one user can send email but does not receive? ...

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Hi, Problem: The user gets mail that contains an excel attachment. If the user open that email and clicks on Import (custom button) then the attachment needs to be save in a location and read the data from file. Finally that data should be import to CRM. This proces should done every day. Is there any way to read email attachments through code? Please help me to resolve the issue. Thanks Mahesh ...

Filter data by using a form and open a report based on this data
Hello, I created a form with 3 criterias: location, date to and from and course name. I have a reset button and a filter/search button. I want to open a report called "Sign-in" based on any of these criterias. Onclick I have filter all 3 criterias but I don't know how to open a report. I used the codes from previous posting: Private Sub cmdFilter_Click() .... 'Text field example. Use quotes around the value in the string. If Not IsNull(Me.txtFilterLocation) Then strWhere = strWhere & "([Location] = """ & Me.txtFilterLocation & ...