upgrading to newer edition of Money

Can any answer this:  I'm using Microsoft Money 2002, and 
recently got Money 2004 for free when I bought some tax 
software, and I want to install it, but keep all the info. 
currently in my Money program.  How do I do this?  Do I 
just put the Money 2004 CD in the computer, install it, 
and all my info. will automatically transfer over?

Thanks .. Anthony
bufffan (1)
2/13/2004 5:56:23 AM
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In microsoft.public.money, Anthony Martini wrote:

>Can any answer this:  I'm using Microsoft Money 2002, and 
>recently got Money 2004 for free when I bought some tax 
>software, and I want to install it, but keep all the info. 
>currently in my Money program.  How do I do this?  Do I 
>just put the Money 2004 CD in the computer, install it, 
>and all my info. will automatically transfer over?

That's the way it should work, as long as you are not changing

via_newsgroup (13114)
2/13/2004 6:26:06 AM
There is an as-yet unpublished FAQ that reads:
Q): Can a new version of Money open my old version data file/backup
file/backup diskette(s)?

A): The newest version of Money is designed to open and upgrade older
version Money data files, backup files, and backup diskettes for all older
versions of Money, with caveats as noted below.

1) Upgrades are not supported across different localizations of Money. E.g.,
M99 for UK will not upgrade to M04 US. For more information, see "Why do I
get the "incompatible versions" message when upgrading my data file?").

2) Beginning with M03, a significant number of users have had problems with
the upgrade process. For more information, see "I thought Money files were
supposed to be upward compatible. How come Money[new] crashes when upgrading
my Money[old] data file?").

3) Be sure you have a good backup file/set of backup diskettes. For more
information, see "You must help me! My only floppy backup has a data error
reading. What do I do?").

"Anthony Martini" <bufffan@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> Can any answer this:  I'm using Microsoft Money 2002, and
> recently got Money 2004 for free when I bought some tax
> software, and I want to install it, but keep all the info.
> currently in my Money program.  How do I do this?  Do I
> just put the Money 2004 CD in the computer, install it,
> and all my info. will automatically transfer over?

2/13/2004 1:15:37 PM

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