Upgrading from Money 2002 #2

I have the original money 2002 that came with the computer and have never 
upgraded.  Which is the best version to go to? More importantly, when I 
purchase and download the upgrade, will it go over the current program and 
update all the information that I currently have?
Thanks and Happy New Year
mfletcher (1)
12/31/2007 6:32:00 AM
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The latest version in the US is Money+ aka Money 2008. Other geographies 
have different versions.

Money keeps all your data in the .mny file not the program. When you install 
the new version it usually remembers where your .mny file was, makes a copy 
of it (for safety) and then upgrades it.

If you are using Vista post back as there are different rules about file 
Bob Peel,
Microsoft MVP - Money

For UK tips & fixes see

I do not respond to any emails that I have not specifically asked for.

"mfletcher" <mfletcher@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I have the original money 2002 that came with the computer and have never
> upgraded.  Which is the best version to go to? More importantly, when I
> purchase and download the upgrade, will it go over the current program and
> update all the information that I currently have?
> Thanks and Happy New Year
> -- 
> mfletcher 

bob_peel2056 (736)
12/31/2007 7:37:26 AM

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