Trouble Printing Checks #2

I'm using Money 2004. I have a list of checks to be printed, but no 'Print 
Checks' on the left side panel. When I go the 'File' menu to print checks it 
gives me a

"You don't have any accounts with checks to be printed."  message.

What can I do?

David4882 (672)
4/24/2008 2:11:00 PM
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"David" wrote:

> What can I do?
4/24/2008 6:17:05 PM
I would run a file repair to see if that will correct the number do indicate 
the number of checks that have been set to "print".

"David" <> wrote in message
> I'm using Money 2004. I have a list of checks to be printed, but no 'Print
> Checks' on the left side panel. When I go the 'File' menu to print checks 
> it
> gives me a
> "You don't have any accounts with checks to be printed."  message.
> What can I do?
> David 

4/25/2008 12:33:40 AM

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