Software Update M05

Everytime I open Money it tells me there is a software 
update available, click ok to download and install.  
After downloading it tells me it couldn't perform the 
update to make sure I'm still contected to the internet 
and try again.  

Anyone solve this problem?
anonymous (74722)
10/2/2004 12:10:13 PM
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In, Jason wrote:

>Everytime I open Money it tells me there is a software 
>update available, click ok to download and install.  
>After downloading it tells me it couldn't perform the 
>update to make sure I'm still contected to the internet 
>and try again.  

If you use XP, you can create a new Administrative user. Log in as
that user. Start Money. The update download may well work then.

If it does work, there is probably some IE6 Security setting that is
stopping things for the other user. This lets you avoid having to
make changes for your normal settings.

You can delete the new user when done.

via_newsgroup (13114)
10/2/2004 4:59:27 PM
>-----Original Message-----
>Everytime I open Money it tells me there is a software 
>update available, click ok to download and install.  
>After downloading it tells me it couldn't perform the 
>update to make sure I'm still contected to the internet 
>and try again.  
>Anyone solve this problem?
sorry, same problem.
anonymous (74722)
10/2/2004 5:16:10 PM

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