Simply record expenses in Money 2004 - no budget needed

I would like to record my expenses daily, and have Money 2004 calculate
the total I spent for the month.

My expenses are different every month, and occur a different number of
instances each month, so making a budget won't work for me. I won't
know what my expenses are, until after I've paid them.

I would simply like to record each expense as it happens, and then have
Money add up all expenses for each category, as a running total for
each category.

I've tried doing this by creating a Budget within Money, but I'm forced
to choose recurring time periods for when the expense will occur ( I
won't know until after the expense occurs), and I'm forced to choose an
amount, but I won't know what the amount is until after the expense

Any help is greatly appreciated.

1/15/2007 11:25:40 PM
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In, wrote:

>I would like to record my expenses daily, and have Money 2004 calculate
>the total I spent for the month.
>My expenses are different every month, and occur a different number of
>instances each month, so making a budget won't work for me. I won't
>know what my expenses are, until after I've paid them.
>I would simply like to record each expense as it happens, and then have
>Money add up all expenses for each category, as a running total for
>each category.
>I've tried doing this by creating a Budget within Money, but I'm forced
>to choose recurring time periods for when the expense will occur ( I
>won't know until after the expense occurs), and I'm forced to choose an
>amount, but I won't know what the amount is until after the expense
>Any help is greatly appreciated.

Money is good at that. Enter a category for each transaction. Just
ignore the budget.

Instead look at Reports.  Find a report similar to what you want.
Click Customize.

Explore the tabs to see what you can customize.

When done, you can save that customized report as a Favorite if you
like. Then changes you make to the regular report in the future will
not apply to the one you saved as a favorite.

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1/15/2007 11:53:56 PM

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