setting up online services #2

I had to reinstall WindowsXP and after reinstalling Money 2006, I have been 
unable to set up the online services for my credit cards, etc. I wonder if I 
have a corrupted file on my computer or if there is something wrong with the 
website connected with this service (Yodlee?). For the past four days, 
everytime I try to set up online services I get a message that says it's 
temporary unavailable. Any ideas?

nospam3434 (231)
8/7/2005 4:20:25 AM
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I forgot to add that I've already reset the security in IE to medium-low as 
per microsoft support help. This didn't do the trick. I still can't setup 
online services for any of my credit cards like I had it before I 
reinstalled WindowsXP. 

nospam3434 (231)
8/7/2005 12:01:53 PM
I have a tech support incident open for something that sounds very much
the same. No progress yet. It appears that the list of banks is indeed
downloaded (I used a network analyzer) but Money chokes on it for some
reason. I will try to remember to post if I get a fix from tech support.

- Jerry

neo-fyter wrote:
> I had to reinstall WindowsXP and after reinstalling Money 2006, I have been 
> unable to set up the online services for my credit cards, etc. I wonder if I 
> have a corrupted file on my computer or if there is something wrong with the 
> website connected with this service (Yodlee?). For the past four days, 
> everytime I try to set up online services I get a message that says it's 
> temporary unavailable. Any ideas?
> Thanks 
jerry4952 (1)
8/9/2005 2:34:29 AM

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