Recording 457 plans in Money

Anyone have an idea how I should characterize a 457 plan in Money 2005?  Do 
you use the 401K feature or is there a better way.

Lastly, how do you take care of "units" of a stock or mutual funds?  My 
statement does not indicate shares of stock/MF only lists 
units at such a cost which doesn't mirror the actually cost per share of a 
stock or mutual fund...thanks.
Virginia (9)
5/24/2005 7:38:08 PM
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I wouldn't use the 401k type. Probably a regular investment account. This
will have Tax Estimator complications. Flagging it as a Retirement account
would have Lifetime Planner complications. Pick your poison.

For the units/unit values you can record these--just don't assign the
investment a symbol that can get quotes or havoc will ensue. I setup similar
"non-market" investments for my 401k plans without a symbol (e.g., "Big
Money Fund--401k") and a similarly named investment (e.g., "Big Money Fund")
with the symbol in Investments to Watch. They don't quote the actual cost
per share of a stock or mutual fund because this one isn't that. It may be
close. But it's not the same thing. The difference is somebody else getting
rich by handling your money along the way for a piece of the handle.

"Tony in Virginia" <Tony in> wrote in
> Anyone have an idea how I should characterize a 457 plan in Money 2005?
> you use the 401K feature or is there a better way.
> Lastly, how do you take care of "units" of a stock or mutual funds?  My
> statement does not indicate shares of stock/MF only
> units at such a cost which doesn't mirror the actually cost per share of a
> stock or mutual fund...thanks.

5/24/2005 8:07:32 PM

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