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"Kevin Campbell" <> wrote in message news:...
> I have a Home Equity Line of Credit account that, for some reason, will
> show up on my list of favorite accounts on the Home page in Money 2003.
> the account details I have the Add to Favorites checkbox checked and under
> the Favorite Accounts menu item it does show up.  Also, when I am in the
> account register view and I click on the account name to drop the list of
> account that account shows up as a favorite.  It is only on the Home page
> that it doesn't show up.
> Also, when on the Home page and I click on the Add Accounts to my
> link under the Favorite Account section, that account does not show up in
> the list of accounts so I can't check it off there.
> I've tried running Money with the -s option but that doesn't seem to help.
> Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Kevin Campbell

kcampbel (98)
8/7/2003 11:51:54 AM
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