Preparing to Install #2

Suddenly, whenever I am attempting to use Money 2002 and I 
start the program, an "install" window pops up and 
says, "Preparing to install Windows 2002...".  I close the 
box and the program won't start.  I reinstalled the whole 
program.  The first time it worked.  The second time, the 
same install window appeared.  It will close the program 
while I'm in it also.

In addition, when I attempt to start Internet Explorer, I 
get a window that pops up saying, "Preparing to Install 
Windows XP...", or one that says, "Prparing to install 
Windows Office...".

Does anyone know what has happened and how to fix it?
anonymous (74722)
7/3/2004 2:30:01 PM
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I am getting that also
>-----Original Message-----
>Suddenly, whenever I am attempting to use Money 2002 and 
>start the program, an "install" window pops up and 
>says, "Preparing to install Windows 2002...".  I close 
>box and the program won't start.  I reinstalled the 
>program.  The first time it worked.  The second time, 
>same install window appeared.  It will close the program 
>while I'm in it also.
>In addition, when I attempt to start Internet Explorer, 
>get a window that pops up saying, "Preparing to Install 
>Windows XP...", or one that says, "Prparing to install 
>Windows Office...".
>Does anyone know what has happened and how to fix it?
anonymous (74722)
7/5/2004 6:17:32 PM

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