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An unofficial FAQ for this newsgroup is available at
The source FAQ was last updated Wednesday, January 12, 2005. You may save
yourself and those willing to spend their time helping you both time and
hassle by consulting this resource before posting what may already be a FAQ.
The unofficial FAQ answers 162 of the most frequently asked questions in
this newsgroup. Note that only a limited number of FAQ items have been added
or modified for Money 2005--those that are derive from my limited experience
with the product and on very high profile items in the newsgroup. If you are
using Money 2005 and have a question or if you are considering using Money
2005, please read

Likewise, a comprehensive archive of this newsgroup is available at Click on Advanced Groups Search; there you should
specify newsgroup and some search terms you consider
appropriate. It is *highly likely* the issue you want help with has been
discussed before. In some case you will find it has been discussed **many**
times before.

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One last word to the wise: I post this once a week so some people might see
it and refrain from posting FAQs. I remember to do this because I also
backup my Money data file to several different locations and several
different media types once a week. I also assure that these backups do not
replace other backups but supplement them in case a problem goes unnoticed
for several backup cycles. Occasionally, I also test these backups to make
sure they really are. I recommend you do the same as soon as you are done
reading this. "Do you have a good backup?" is a frequent first reply to
problems posted here. Don't leave yourself in a position where your only
answer is "no." It's a lot harder to help people when that is their answer.

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I have the all years closed until 2006 (calendar year setup) Is there any way to post entries to 2003. This is requirement due to restatement of financials for prior years. Thanks Sunil The only way to accomplish this is to contact Microsoft Professional Services (you can do this through your GP Partner) and have them re-open your closed years. We've had them do this for a customer of ours - worked out very well. -- Victoria Yudin Dynamics GP MVP Flexible Solutions, Inc. "nfp" <> wrote in message news:ADD8C19D-BBCC-43BD-987E-3AC352...

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Being the administrator I have access to all parts of our CRM Standard Suite. I've granted myself full everything everywhere, or so it seems. Goto Sales Literature menu pick is not available. Again, is there a "trick" to get this enabled? Thanks, Phil. so ifd you click on goto then sales you dont see sales literature..cant remember if sales literature is part of the pro release or in standard as well. Which version of crm do you have? "Phil Hamsey" <> wrote in message news:1cb601c3732b$d3c99fa0$a001280a@phx.gbl... > Being the admin...

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I am creating a workbook that will have a 2 level password. One for read-only and one for editing. I am posting this workbook to a website that will be seen by students and faculty. It will be a patient schedule and we will have faculty adding appointments. What I am trying to do is get the workbook to save automatically, refresh automatically and when accessed, bring up the password option. When the workbook is opened in Excel, the password protection is working beautifully, but when posted to the web, no password prompt is coming up. Suggestions, please? Thank you, Stephanie M...

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Just as employees can look at their paystubs on the Business Portal, they should be able to look at their W2 for the year on the portal as well. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

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Re-Post question not resolved/provided attention to from 26 Oct 07 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Steve, here is the info you requested: Row Source = SELECT [EPR/TR/OPR].[FullName] FROM [EPR/TR/OPR]; Column Count = 1 Column Widths = 1.7605" List Width = 1.7604" Bound Column = 1 Thanks, Rick "Steve Schapel" wrote: > Rick, > > In design view of the form, can you select the combobox, and look at the > Properties. Can you post back with what is entered in there for these > properties: > > Row S...

Please use this space to ask you question. And make sure you give us all of the information you can, especially which version of Publisher you are using. -- JoAnn Paules MVP Microsoft [Publisher] "Murrayjones" <> wrote in message > I am using Publisher 2000 and trying to insert numbering into a document with 10 tickets. Can you help? "JoAnn Paules [MSFT MVP]" wrote: > Please use this space to ask you question. And make sure you give us all of > ...

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Dear Kindly solve my problem table t1 has fields pictures, name in design view pictures field is ole object and name field is text. now in table, i have inserted some jpeg pictures in field pictures, correspondingly written some name in name field if we open table t1 to view. pictures name package n1 package n2 package n3 package n4 package n5 package n6 now i have written a small query as select from t1 where name = x; x is given in run time, like any thing as n1 /n2/n3/n4 /.... let say x is n2 now. i ...