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One last word to the wise: I post this once a week so some people might see
it and refrain from posting FAQs. I remember to do this because I also
backup my Money data file to several different locations and several
different media types once a week. I also assure that these backups do not
replace other backups but supplement them in case a problem goes unnoticed
for several backup cycles. Occasionally, I also test these backups to make
sure they really are. I recommend you do the same as soon as you are done
reading this. "Do you have a good backup?" is a frequent first reply to
problems posted here. Don't leave yourself in a position where your only
answer is "no." It's a lot harder to help people when that is their answer.

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Hi, One of the columns in my excel has its content broken into lines. I guess each line within that column ends with a carrieage return and line feed. how can I replace these with say a "-" character? I was trying to use Find and Replace but don't know how to enter the CRLf character and if I use Alt 13 and / or Alt 10 (for cariage return and line feed) it wont fine these. Any help will be appreciated Hi Dino Take a look at the TRIMALL function -- Regards Roger Govier "Dino Buljubasic" <dino@noplacelikeho...

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I've made a "big" AcitveX control, it uses a lot of .dll files In order to make a cab file ,I have to make a .inf file first. I've read related files in MSDN .But they are too short. I need a complete .inf file. Please help me. Thank u very much!!! Have you read this? ...

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We have deployed Dynamics 10 in the US and our now looking to deploy in our CAN company. Can anyone out here recommend a consultant that could work with us on this? It will involve French/English invoicing and the usual international issues. Hi, I have been working with GP in the UK since 1999 and am an independant. I am about to start an implementation of the French Canadian version in Algeria so will be up to speed with all the issues by the time we finish... but that won't be until after December so depends when you need someone.. Regards Katie "GPgirl" wrote: > ...

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Hello Everyone, I have a couple of questions. Friday my exchange 2k box crashed on the windows side. I have put the exchange hard drives in a new pc. I repaired the drive by running the windows repair and bascially had to almost install windows again. However, it comes back up at win2k sp3. I reran the exchange sp3 patch on the server. All my drives look good. However, the information store and exchange system attendant will not start. I was wondering if anyone can give me advice on why this is happening? Also on a side note I can not remote desktop into this pc which is weird? I can ping...

Hi gang, Our mail server has been blacklisted by DSBL as we had a one day issue with mail being relayed off of it and forwarding some SPAM. We have cleaned up our config and confirmed that we aren't relaying anymore. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this organization, and more specifically their process for having your IP removed from their banned list. They make it quite clear in their FAQ that they have a great deal of contempt for us dumb-MS yokels who use Exchange (and don't configure it properly), and although I've tried to follow their instructions I haven...

Can't Post to these newsgroups from MAC
At work I'm using MAC os 9.2 and IE v. ??? When trying to post to these newsgroups, the send button wonk't respond. I can click it all day, but nothing. It doesn't lock up the machine, I can still surf and do what ever else, but can't post. Cancel button does work though. So the only thing I can do is copy everything I've just typed in to a word doc and take it to a Windows machine to post it. Does any body know why? Thank you, Conan Kelly On 12/18/03 17:41, in article 069101c3c5c8$cbf862d0$a101280a@phx.gbl, "Conan Kelly" <anonymous@discussions....

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Hi, Looking for a way in Outlook to filter out emails with images that open before I even click on them. (they are usually Xrated) and I do not know how to make a RULE to filter them out. This is making me not even want to use my Outlook mail!!!! Appreciate any help!!!! Thanks What version of Outlook? --� Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. Due to the (insert latest virus name here) virus, all mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without reading. After searching and finding no answer, thehez2@yahoo.c...

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OK... So here's what I am trying to accomplish Should be simple but every time I try it I get an error... so I giv in. I need to get it set up so that when I enter any sort of value in cel E4 the date is automatically posted in cell I2. So simple yet beyond my comprehension -- Message posted from right click on the sheet tab>view code>insert this Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range) If Target.Address = "$E$4" Then range("e12")=date End Sub -- Don Guillett SalesAid Software "HoundofCullin&...

Please help with formula #2
It has been a long time since I've needed to write for help, but I need it now. I had a friend come to me for help with a spreadsheet he's creating for the food service company he works for. While I taught advanced Excel in college, that was four years ago, and I don't recall this particular issue. The first worksheet is a payment summary sheet. Next, there are sheets for (invoices) for each organization the food service company deals with. On each invoice sheet, there are cells which identify information common to each of these company sheets. All of the invoice sheets are t...

Post Url rule in the workflow
hi, how do i call a web service using the workflow? I have a web service with a web method that requires 3 fields from the sales order, and i want to trigger it when an order is created, how do i do that? thanks in advance > how do i call a web service using the workflow? I have a web service with > a > web method that requires 3 fields from the sales order, and i want to > trigger > it when an order is created, how do i do that? Hi, HTH, Carsten ...