Payee Name Woes

In trying to figure out why I had so many payee name mis-matches I deleted 
all my payees and started over.  However all the old "User Altered Payee 
Name" to "Payee Name Variations" still seem to be there though I have no way 
to see what they are.

For instance I transactions as "Subway" in the register, but no longer 
listed as a Payee.  If I look at the "Preferred Payee Name" screen that 
shows the known matchups from the "Payee Rules Manager", nothing is listed. 
I then download and accept a transaction for "Subway".  1st, off, it's not 
added back to my Payee list nor am I prompted if I want to add it.  So I go 
manually add "Subway" to the payees as a brand new payee.  But suddenly, 
after having doing so, I also see in the "Payee Rules Manager" "Payee Name 
Variations" list thing linke "Subway Store", "Subway XYZ", "Subway Main St". 
They also show up in the "Preferred Payee Name" list again after 
"re-building" the payee.

It appears that although I deleted all the payees from the list they are all 
still there, including all the variations I had added and was trying to 
clear out and re-build, and I have no way to get to them.

1) How do I get Money to re-add Payees going forward so I don't have to 
manually add them all?

2) How do I delete these old associations that appear to be in the file but 
I have no access to?

Any Ideas?

Money 2007 on Vista, imported from 2006 on XP

sam363 (15)
3/20/2007 9:22:22 PM
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