money2004 startup error

When I start the program I encounter following error:

AppName: msmoney.exe	 AppVer:	 ModName: 
ModVer:	 Offset: 000dc6e5

I looked at other posts and done everything from 
reinstalling the program to replacing the .dll files. but 
keeps giving the error. anyone know what I should do?
jhchang76 (1)
2/9/2004 1:27:01 AM
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reinstalled again and got a different dll error
AppName: msmoney.exe	 AppVer:	 ModName: 
ModVer:	 Offset: 0000ce2d

please help
>-----Original Message-----
>When I start the program I encounter following error:
>AppName: msmoney.exe	 AppVer:	 ModName: 
>ModVer:	 Offset: 000dc6e5
>I looked at other posts and done everything from 
>reinstalling the program to replacing the .dll files. but 
>keeps giving the error. anyone know what I should do?
anonymous (74722)
2/9/2004 1:40:25 AM
here's how I fixed it on my machine:
1. uninstall money and then run a clean reinstall by 
either uninstall Norton or use msconfig
2. run the checksku.exe file in the money folder and you 
should get the message that everything is OK.
3. rather than run Money directly, double-click on the 
sample.mny file and then create a new user file from there.
anonymous (74722)
2/15/2004 8:28:34 PM

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