Money2004 (No MSN, no Passport) -> Monwy2006 Any problems?

I use M2004 without MSN, Passport or passwords.  My financial institutions
(Citi cards, Fidelity, Bank One) download into M2004 without any problems.

Will I be able to transition into M2006 without any problems?

I'll be happy to maintain the current M2004 features and capabilities.  I'm
thinking of M2006 only because the on-line stuff for M2004 will expire next
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aprasad123 (105)
7/29/2005 5:35:51 PM
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I imported without a problem but cannot now use MSN. I did not before and 
did not have a Passport. Adding the Passport works but synching with MSN 
does not. I believe that may be specific to my data set. If you have no 
plans to sync to MSN, I think you'll have no problem. If you're considering 
synching to MSN, you'll probably have no problem but I cannot confirm or 
refute that from my experience.
Chris Cowles
Gainesville, FL

"Aloke Prasad" <aprasad123@columbus.rr.invalid> wrote in message 
>I use M2004 without MSN, Passport or passwords.  My financial institutions
> (Citi cards, Fidelity, Bank One) download into M2004 without any problems.
> Will I be able to transition into M2006 without any problems?
> I'll be happy to maintain the current M2004 features and capabilities. 
> I'm
> thinking of M2006 only because the on-line stuff for M2004 will expire 
> next
> year.
> -- 
> Aloke
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NoSpam1246 (979)
7/30/2005 1:48:24 AM

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