Money Stopped Working Problem Solved! (or at least explained)

After the SP1 update my Money Plus Deluxe on Vista Ultimate would "stop 
working" when I selected Portfolio or Help.
It turns out that the problem was a conflict with my Roboform program which 
is a password fill-in program that attaches itself to web pages in order to 
automatically enter my personal information.
Because Portfolio and Help look like web pages to Roboform, it tries to 
attach and apparently crashes Money. 
If I stop Roboform before starting Money all is well.  Alternatively, I can 
start Money "as administrator" and that will work too. 

Winter (16)
4/14/2008 2:30:00 AM
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In, winter wrote:

>After the SP1 update my Money Plus Deluxe on Vista Ultimate would "stop 
>working" when I selected Portfolio or Help.
>It turns out that the problem was a conflict with my Roboform program which 
>is a password fill-in program that attaches itself to web pages in order to 
>automatically enter my personal information.
>Because Portfolio and Help look like web pages to Roboform, it tries to 
>attach and apparently crashes Money. 
>If I stop Roboform before starting Money all is well.  Alternatively, I can 
>start Money "as administrator" and that will work too. 

Thanks for the info.
via_newsgroup (13114)
4/14/2008 6:07:39 PM

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