Money 2004 in Windows Mobile 5.0


    I just buy a handheld HP 2490, this have a Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket 
PC, somebody know who i can sync my transacction with this handheld.

Microsoft Say windows mobile 5 don't have the sync program (ALWAYS 

jcw2000 (3)
11/7/2006 11:08:51 PM
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Short answer - you can't.

Michael Gordon

"jmcs" <> wrote in message 
> Hello,
>    I just buy a handheld HP 2490, this have a Windows Mobile 5.0 for 
> Pocket PC, somebody know who i can sync my transacction with this 
> handheld.
> Microsoft Say windows mobile 5 don't have the sync program (ALWAYS 

gordonm (1013)
11/9/2006 12:41:50 AM
"jmcs" <> wrote:

>    I just buy a handheld HP 2490, this have a Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket 
>PC, somebody know who i can sync my transacction with this handheld.
>Microsoft Say windows mobile 5 don't have the sync program (ALWAYS 

Won't work. See for
more info, but the bottom line is, Microsoft has dropped support
for Money for Windows Mobile 5 and higher and Money 2007 and
higher. You'd have to stick with older devices and Money 2006 and
earlier to continue syncing.
Ed Hansberry  (Please do *NOT* email me. Post here for the benefit of all)
What is on my Pocket PC?
Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices
What is an MVP? -
11/9/2006 11:52:41 AM

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