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I lost my hard drive that had the USA Money 2002 program but have the Money 
backup files on a flash drive. I do not recall using a password with Money 

I installed a new licensed copy of Money 2004 on a different hard drive. 
Will this work and what are the steps to get the backup files to open in 
Money 2004. I am able to get the Money 2004 program to open but cannot get it 
to read anything from the files.
Many thanks.
Smith1 (93)
2/2/2009 5:46:07 PM
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In, Smith wrote:

>I lost my hard drive that had the USA Money 2002 program but have the Money 
>backup files on a flash drive. I do not recall using a password with Money 
>I installed a new licensed copy of Money 2004 on a different hard drive. 
>Will this work and what are the steps to get the backup files to open in 
>Money 2004. I am able to get the Money 2004 program to open but cannot get it 
>to read anything from the files.

If you have a *.mbf file, use File->Restore. Do not restore to the
"default location", but instead Browse to your Documents folder and
select a name for the Money file.
via_newsgroup (13114)
2/2/2009 5:55:43 PM

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