Money 2001 - Internet Updates (application) no longer working?

Hi all.

After an unrelated drive issue which resulted in an XP reinstall, I 
reinstalled my reliable old Microsoft Money 2001 (some OEM version from a 
Works bundle I had from long ago).. I don't update my account info online, 
nor do I use Money much for anything other than balancing my own accounts by 

After the reinstall, everything works OK, however one of my account balances 
within the register is incorrect; yes, only incorrect when I display 
Unreconciled Transactions - this IS a known issue and the last time I 
reinstalled Money 2001 (back in ... uh.. 2004? 2005?) a quick "Update 
Internet Information" installed the required patch; problem solved.

But this time, I find the update server isn't responding - I get several 
messages about not being able to obtain the required .cab files for the 
On a hunch, I dug out my previous install of Money 2001 and ran a comparison 
between the two. A few of the dlls do differ.

Does anyone happen to have the Money 2001 updates lying around in a manual 
fashion? I could start to mash the old binaries over the new install I 
suppose, but my first attempt at that didn't work so well; I'd prefer to get 
the updates installed properly.

The files Money 2001 is looking for from the update server:


Peter2031 (452)
1/23/2008 12:42:04 AM
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