Moeny 2006 & nvidia software issue

I upgraded from money 2002 buss to 2006 premium.
I have installed on my computer an EVGA FX5700LE video card, i love using 
the nview software by nvidia, because it allows me to split my screen into 
(4) grids. and make transparent any page that i want an over layit on top of 
Since i downloaded and install money 2006 Premium i have not been able to 
use this features with money. Im able to see the sometimes half of the 
logo/quick on the title bar (nextto the min,max, close) but when try to click 
on it it disapears im not able to send it a to any grid or make it 
anyone has any ideas.
does money has updates as any other microsoft product.
jc179st (8)
2/24/2006 4:34:20 AM
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