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Hello every body ,

Im Behrooz Farhangirad ,

After so much seeking and asking about a good MLM program that not to be a fraud , guaranteed earnings, low investment with a high and fast payments , pay with e-gold , free and simple join and some other services for free such as advertising ,....  

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                            Some frequancy ask / question:

1)is it  require to renew my account every month?
   No, you just pay $3.7 one time for ever.

2) is it  require to balence my downlines?
    No, you can have unlimited downlines! you can advertise this program as many as you can and earn $1 for every upgraded direct referral.

3) Do you guarantee this program that is not fraud?

    Of course yes, this program has started its activites since 2004
    and nobody state his unsatisfaction about this program,you can search it in google, yahoo,...
    on the other hand , imagin that you sign up with $3.7 ,you earn $1 or every upgraded direct referral and $0.2 for every indirect referral 
    your total earning is $1.2 but the maneger of site get the rest of it, $2.5 . it is not intellectual for every body to miss this earning.
    and i recive from this site frequantly ,you can see my withdraw if you want. 

    Feel free to ask me any question:



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