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Environment: Exchange 2003 SP1 on a Windows 2000 box and Outlook 2003. I have 5 users (each has his own active directory acct and log on as themselves) that need to share a common email address i.e. someone@somewhere.de.us. When each user opens Outlook, I need them to see any emails delivered to the shared email address. How can this be accomplished? Thank you in advance, L Moore You could either have a mailbox for someone@somewhere.de.us, give the users rights to it and set their Outlook to open that mailbox as well as their own mailbox. Or you could make a mail enabled public fo...

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Thanks to Frank Kabel, I can now make great pivot tables. The problem I am having is that I want to write a macro to generate pivot tables, and I want the pivot table report to be saved on a worksheet called "Sum of Open", which is overwritten each time the macro runs. I have created the sheet named "Sum of Open" which is in the same workbook, but when i try to save it to there ('Sum of Open!'), I get an error: "Your formula contains and invalid external reference to a worksheet. Verify that the path, workbook, and range name or cell reference are correct, ...

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Hello! We have a successful installation of CRM 1.2, but we have been unable to use the "Promote to CRM Activity" feature in SFO. We have installed many of the updates and hot-fixes, but we continue to have this problem. The error shuts down Outlook, and points to the CRMADDIN.DLL add-in. We've removed it and re-installed it several times, but continue to have the same problem. Is there something we are missing, since I do not see many others with this type of problem. Thank you kindly, John what error do you get? also have you verified the problem the user is reporting...

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Just trying to find Product Id's using Advanced Find at it is VERY time consuming. One improvement that would immediately help is after you select the field. E.g. ID, then a criteria e.g. Contains, then type in the ID you CANNOT press Enter to start the search. You have to actually click Find, which slows this process down. Any improvement on changing products by searching for ID's or even allowing in the main table view to search by Product ID would be a VAST improvement. Thanks for your consideration. Shauna Also after it has found the item(s) you were looking for and dis...

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I have outlook 2003 i added mi windows XP Pro to Domain then Xp create a new profile. I try to restore files from old user profile, but when i made it Only e-mails from last month and past appears !!! Please if somebody have any answer for this problem Please Help me After to made it i clean a virus called BackDoor.Berbew.F but i don't know if this was the problem. I search for All Pst files and any have mails from this month June ...

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I am trying to change a CRM deployment so that it now is accessible over SSL. I have added the certificate to the CRM website with the name crm.companyname.com and set the SSL port to 442. Before changing the registry settings e.g. ServerURl I can access the CRm website using: http://localhost:5555 https://servername:442 but not using https://crm.companyname.com - I get you are not authorized to view this page. When I change the registry settings to https://servername:442/MSCRMServices or https://crm.comapnyname.com:442/MSCRMServices and I use http://localhost:5555 or https://servername:442...

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When ever I use stationary, the person receiving my emails see the paper clip as an attachment. Can I set up my Outlook not to show my stationary as an attachment ? Thanking you in advance. Does the recipient allow HTML mail? --� Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact. Due to the (insert latest virus name here) virus, all mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without reading. After furious head scratching, Anna Murray asked: | When ever I use stationary, the person receiving my emails see the | paper clip as an attachmen...

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I've been trying to align several dimension markers across a building drawing using the keyboard [Shift+Up, Down, Left or Right buttons], this should allow me to inch the detail once selected. Whenever I use the, Shift+Down keys the drawing image shifts towards the bottom of the page, or Shift+left keys the drawing image shifts towards the Left. This means I can only do the alignment from below and up and from left to right. Anybody got a solution to this The nudge feature was added to VIsio in Visio 4. Before that, there was an Add-on that gave you the nudge functionality. I thi...

Installing CRM 3.0 on two servers
Dear All, In every installation of CRM 3.0 in an environment with two servers (one for CRM and one for SQL/Reporting services) I am running in various security issues which either have to do with CRM or with Reporting Services or a combination of the two. What are your suggestions on the security credentials under which the different services comprising the solution should run under ? Reporting Services is also something which causes issues. Any suggestions "from the field" on this matter ? Also, what needs to be done when the AD is based on Windows 2003 as compared to AD which i...

Outlook 2000 SR-1 POP3 Server Error Number: 0x800ccc0d
I have the following setup. 1. Laptop with Windows XP Professional SP1 2. Outlook 2000 SR-1 3. Mail Server: Merak Mail Server 4. Three email-ids@xx.com with one domain(SMTP: mail.xx.com; POP3: mail.xx.com) 5. One email-id@yy.com with second domain (SMTP: mail.yy.com; POP3: mail.xx.com) ; 6. Merak is configured for both the domains(for multiple domains) Till two days ago everything was fine. From 9/8/2004 my Outlook 2000 started giving problems in receving emails for one of four email-ids with the following error: Unable to connect to the server. (Account: 'MY SERVER INFORMATI...

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Ok, somehow my pc date/time became year 5910 -- how did that happen? Now, after resetting, I see just a few posts other than mine, although the blue number in parenthesis is (4100) -- that is, the number next to the news group. Jack Jack B wrote: > Ok, somehow my pc date/time became year 5910 -- how did that happen? > > Now, after resetting, I see just a few posts other than mine, although the > blue number in parenthesis is (4100) -- that is, the number next to the news > group. > > Jack > > Probably all of the old messages were mar...

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Hi, I'm trying to use the calendar tool in Forms under the VBAProject so that the years dropdown list only displays the years 2005 and 2006 (instead of all years from 1900 thru to 2100). Is there a way to limit the years to only 2005 and 2006? If not, is there a way to display an error message so that the user can be told to enter a date between 2005 and 2006 if they don't? I've got a validation check but this seems to have no effect when the date is entered using the pop-up calendar tool. Thanks in advance. See answer in your other thread (programming) -- Regards Ron...

Error installing Lookout 1.2
Downloaded Lookout 1.2 from MS website, and installed it. Opened Outlook 2K3 SP1, and get the following error: "You may have recieved an error message about "Exchange Extensions". Lookout can try top repair this file for you by repairing your HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Client\Extensions\Exchang e Extensions setting. Details will be logged in case you want to undo the repair. Would you like to repair it now? y/n" The install for Lookout went fine, with no errors, and Outlook was not loaded at the time. Can't find this error referenced anywhere. Should I ha...

CDateTimeCtrl show drop down
Dear all, How can I show the month calendar control of CDateTimeCtrl in program? Just like the member function ShowDropDown() in CComboBox. Thx Marco "Marco Hung" <marco@xmlhk.com> wrote in message news:eKJ90O1pDHA.744@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl... > Dear all, > > How can I show the month calendar control of CDateTimeCtrl in program? Just > like the member function ShowDropDown() in CComboBox. Froma a discussion in another group, I gather that there is no built-in method and that you'll need to implement your own -- presumably by simulating an appropriate keybo...

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Is there a way to make the text size preference "sticky"? I mean for it to be remembered across sessions until I change it. Thanks. ...

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Hi all, SBS 2003 SP2 / Supramax 56k USB modem. As of 2/11/2010 no faxes show up either in the sent or inbox folders in the SBS Fax console. Client is able to send and receive hard copy faxes with no problem from their workstations (XP Pro). I have checked the permissions of the inbox folder- Administrators and Network Services have full control. I created another folder with the same permissions called(Inbox1) still no copies of received faxes Nothing in the event logs around that date indicate a fax problem of any kind. I also restarted the server but the problem still exi...

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Is it possible to set different discount levels to different cashiers? Would like to set 2 levels as default: max of 5% to any cashier, and 10% to store manager No, you can't set a max discount for a cashier - if they have the right to give a discount, they can give any amount. It would be possible to restrict this via an add-in, but I'm not aware of any existing ones that offer this. -- Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting http://www.tibercreek.com glenn@tibercreek.com ---------------------------------------------- Please DO NOT respond to me directly but post all responses here...

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starting OL 2000 with the /prefetch:1 command line switch
I have just become aware of the: /prefetch:1 command line switch to make applications start faster. For some reason, it works on my OE 6 program (and many others I have installed on my Pentium IV PC running XP Home SP2) but not on my OL 2000 program. When I start OL2000 with the following command line: "E:\Microsoft Office\Outlook2000\Office\OUTLOOK.EXE" /prefetch:1 I get an error message that says: the command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using. Any ideas? Jay J <sonrisa322@comcast.net> wrote: > When I start OL2000 with the follo...

RMS 1.0
I am intereseted in hearing from those using RMS Version 1.0 and their expereince with PCI compliance. I note that Version 2.0 is listed as a validated PCI application and that Version 1.0 is not (http://usa.visa.com/download/merchants/validated_payment_applications.pdf). Specifically, I would like to know if anyone is using Version 1.0 and has successfully configured the application to be fully compliant with PCI. Alternatively, has anyone concluded that it is impossible to make Version 1.0 PCI compliant (e.g., lack of encryption, inadequate auditing/logging)? Finally, I would be int...